Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I got sick of those box braids by the time the front was two weeks old and the back was a week old, so I took the front down once it was 17 days old. I took down the front completely in anticipation of doing the same with the back. But I decided it would be smarter to just leave the back be, and take down each braid one by one and put twists in, using the parts from the box braids....but the story doesn't end there.....

This is how I wore it when I made a last minute decision to drive to wal-mart in the freezing cold to get ingredients to make a hot fudge ice cream sundae. (as you can tell I have been slipping from my diet, I'm only human though, a greedy one at that, that likes food! lol)

Almost done....

Yep, it takes FOREVER to switch from braids to twists ya'll....I think I watched season 2 and 3 of Oz trying to do this, and I'm still not done.....you would think I actually wore this outside the house wouldn't you? hahaha...me too...

But the twistout in the front was BANGIN

and I was tempted to take my whole head down, but seriously, I am sick of fooling with my loose hair at this point, the less I have to deal with it, the more sanity I have...

However, I am satisfied with this:

flat twists going to the side and twists in one half of the front and all in the back....I have a cute story to share too about this....

I was at my job, and this lady was walking in the opposite direction of me, and she was like "WOW! Your hair is beautiful. God blessed you with thick hair!"
I told her thank you and everything then she asked me who does my hair, I told her I do, she asked me how I learned to do this, I told her I just sat around and figured it out by practicing, and she asked a few other questions...

then as she was leaving my job maybe 20 minutes later she saw me again and came to where I was and was like "I really like this" and talked to me again lol....

No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you:

No jedi mind tricks here, there are still braids back there! I'm working on it ya'll! lol

Plan for a hawt minute:

I plan to recycle these parts in the back for the rest of the winter or until I want to try flat twists in the back of my hair (which probably won't happen).

This helps me to keep some of my sanity because its a pain to part in the back as I'm sure all of you know how it is!
Dang, December is almost over with and what we got left, January and February and a little of March and we back to warm weather again. I. CAN'T. Wait. I think my hair has suffered enough!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Protect Your Neck, I mean Naps!

On a cold day....thank gawd for this knit snood thing! I'm on a mission to have one in every color. I saw a sequin one in a picture and now I'm on the hunt for that too!

They are perfect for concealing shower caps under your hat. If I'm not wearing a shower cap (sometimes the heat generated under one of those things can become irritating and make me feel icky) I will put a satin bonnet underneath this thing....

Another day, same hat:

I don't know know whats going on but I'm not really feeling my hair right now..so Ive been hiding it under my hats. I think I just want to rock my fro but with these cold temperatures I can't.

So I just throw it back into these hats and keep it moving. Only 90 something more days to go (blah!) isn't it sad that Winter isn't even here YET :(
I don't think Imma make it ya'll....

Monday, December 3, 2007

Done! Finished! Finally! These Box Braids!

Finally finished this mess...a week later...lol

I had a tangled mass of hair from letting my hair shrink up and stuff as it pleased and it took an hour to detangle.
I watched Dave Chappelle then Eddie Murphy Raw and got to work on my hair around 11:30 pm or midnight...I finished at 3:30 am.

But yeah, excuse the top row in the back...around 3:15 am I just gave up on comb parting....

I tried to style them a little bit because I got tired of the braids dangling in my eyes....it was either pull it back or cut them off....and ya'll know I'm not afraid of scissors so I opted to pull them back out of my way...

I also added to hair clips that I bought from Targe' (4 for 2.99) in the front. It was just decoration cause it sho' won't holding nuffin back....

bling bling!

lol...my new toy, too shiny for ya'll to see with the flash on, had to take another pic in natural light to get the full effect of this beauty...lol
I like the big fake looking ring trend and saw this at Forever 21 and was all over it...
And don't laugh at my grandma fingers...I got teased so bad in school about my wrinkly fingers I don't even like to show them lol....that's how I got the nickname in school of "Grandma"

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Throwback: December 2007, Unplanned Braidout

So I took those frickin twists down and promised myself that I WILL not EVER do those things as small as I did them again until summer time because they take entirely TOO LONG to take out.

I conditioned my hair in big braids with scrunchies on the ends, washed my hair and slathered world of curls and aloe vera gel on my hair. Nothing else in 32-50 degree weather. I was expecting to have a dried out crunchy fro. But guess what? My hair was 100% softer than when I use shea butter and castor and coconut oil mixed together.

So Im going to go back to this mixture until my hair decides that it wants something else. Also I wonder if the whole reason why those two products work so well for me is because my hair likes gels...I never thought about that because I have never heard a natural list a gel as a category of hair moisturizers like they would oils and butters. But I think gels are my thing.

But yeah, I was "trying" to box braid my hair but ran out of time (had to go to work :( ),so I had to take down the big wash braids I was rocking and pull my hair back in a puff with the box braids in 1/2 the front and two rows in the back and that is what you see in the picture.

I did two rows in the back and gave up. Im probably gonna keep it like this for a while cause I just dont have the strength to do my hair at this time

Dec 06 vs Dec 07.....

my braids doubled in size so that means that my fro has doubled in size, which sounds about right. In Dec, if I remember correctly I had around 3.5 inches and now I am mostly at 7 inches :) And hopefully by March 08 I will add another 1.5 inches to that!

Sad...this is day three. I at least completed the front. It took about 2 hours or so to do it....now I got the back of my big ole head to do.....
See, having thick hair I dont think is my problem, I think its the fact that I have thick hair+ a big ole gina apple head....lol....its alot of circumference to cover...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Set of Twists (11/18)

total time for twists, Five Heartbeats+The Omen and Hell Date or 5 1/2 hours

This is day two of these twists. After wearing that picked out fro in the freezing cold, seeing 1/6 inch ends in my comb (not a lot but when I do see breaking and stuff it usually isn't enough for me to notice....this was more than I have experienced in a while and of course its due to this dang weather and my rollers but that is a long story) I decided to twist my head up.

I made a cream for these twists and it seems to be working well. I took shea butter and coconut oil and heated it up in the microwave until it was liquidy (yes word), then I mixed it up real good, I added my fote aloe vera gel to that and a dab of glycerin. The texture of it is very creamy and my hair feels nice and soft....

You know how I am about my natural light shots...but with neighbors on both side of me raking leaves and doing roof work (don't these people ever get a life? geez) I had to resort to the dinning room for my photo shoot....

See, reason #3454455 why I do not like to solicit help to others....I'm mainly talking about people who perm aka my Mother...so her and my sister and my niece were sitting at the table and I was standing up in the kitchen mixing up my hair concoctions with a shower cap on my head and my hair banded up. My sister and my niece were over because my sister was going to dye my Mother's hair.

I heard my Mother say "I hope this color works cause this is for white people" I was debating if whether or not I wanted to comment cause of course I know the answer but trying to convince people who are unaware of the myths of white vs black haircare products let alone my Mother is often something I don't do, But I like to enlighten people and I couldn't resist:
"It will work, 'the white people products' will work in your hair... I use 'white people products' "...then I heard laughter from everybody
"You said you use white people products and I'm looking at your head" and my mother is looking at me all funny
"Well I do and it works....its just a marketing scheme"
"Well it must be working for her cause her hair always looks nice"
then she also said: "We have different products because black people and white people's hair are different"
At a point like this I would gladly say hair all has the same basic needs but what's the use right? So I gave up and rinsed out my Dove Conditioner aka my "white people product"
by the way, she loved how the color came out.

My plan? To keep these twists in pass Dec 6th

And since I did a pro list of why braids are good for the winter, here is my

pro list of why twists are not a bad idea for a permanent staple style for winter time:
*you don't have to part your hair to do it- save time
*unlike braids where some parts of the scalp you can't get to to scratch (like underneath the braid), with twists you can scratch ANYWHERE
*they feel light and fluffy like marshmallows (lol?)
*sometimes braids can feel a bit masculine since men are the main ones who wear them, so twists can feel a little bit more gurly
*I can use this cute metal clip on them, unlike with my braids...with the braids this daggone thing flopped around on top of my head
*these do not take longer to take down then to put in under normal conditions (ie unusual tangling)
*the shrinkage from these can be very flattering
*your scalp isn't as exposed to the elements so you get less dry scalp and less itching therefore they don't have to be washed as frequently

2 Month Comparison:

Keep in mind that the September twists are stretched, they were done on braided, dry hair and the November twists were done on mainly soaking wet, freshly washed hair....either way, not bad :)

4 Month Comparison

Alright now! So that cut back in June did pay off! When I did these in July they were shrunken twists and these in November are shrunken.

And I am losing weight (I have 1 chin again not two lol)!!!!!!! Yeah!! Now if only my mother would stop buying these chips and cookies :(

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 20

...and them janks had the go the next day...I had a lot of product build up on two braids (I felt the base of two of them) and I was just scared of what I would find on the rest of them so on day 21 I took them down. I didn't make it to 4 weeks as plan but I think making it 21 days is still a pretty big accomplishment. To take these braids down I saturated a group of braids with my cheapy suave conditioner and dove conditioner and took them down....total take down time was around 8 hours....2 more hours than what it took to put them in :(

As you can see I was still in love with these braids.....I was definitely not ready to take them down...I know next time that in the back of my hair to be careful with ooey gooey type products (such as the Cantu Shea Butter, what I suspect caused the build up)

Alright....I roller set my hair after detangling my hair from the bxbraids (I got done at 2 ish) and I COULD NOT get to sleep. Why? Because since going natural I have 100000000 more strands of hair and sleeping in rollers is no longer an option.....somehow I did fall asleep, for 4 hours and I woke up and threw those rollers off and picked my hair out for the baby baa you see in front of you...it was WAAAY bigger than this earlier, but for some reason I thought it would be smart to pick your hair out before you take a shower....I'm so smart....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Braids it is for the month!

sorry this picture sucks so bad but it was late evening and my camera sucks....anyway, I pinned up one side of my box braids with a hairpin that had rimstones all along the front of it and left the rest down. I was on my way to see SAW IV!!!!
But yeah, that little rascal to the left of me is my next door neighbors dog....he went two houses down, dragged a bag out of their trashcan, brought it in my yard and straight crushed the food right in front of me IN MY YARD...why? lol....silly dog....

I don't like this picture, but yeah, its just a better shot of what was going on with my hair. The first picture was more for jokes cause I thought it was so funny that little dog actually got caught on camera eating trash in my yard...

Day Seven

shrinkage after one week:

not bad...but then again these badboys haven't finished drying yet....
On the 7th day I washed these badboys using the stocking cap method (check out my routine album for instructions). I conditioner washed with Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Nature's Gate and mixed Dove Conditioner with Castor Oil and coconut oil...in this picture I literally just got done washing my hair and it is not even drippin wet thanks to the stocking cap method....

I think for once during my nappy journey I have gotten some SENSE. If it takes forever to style and detangle my hair then that means that my hair probably doesn't want to be fooled with as much. I am already putting my hair on lock down until March 23rd 2008....but I am considering only styling my hair at the most 2 times a month...because 2 weeks into this style I'm starting to feel like what the heck was I thinking about styling my hair every week or 1.5 weeks...

This is me a few hours after rinsing my hair. One of my best friends and the mother of my God daughter called me up and I invited myself to go shopping with her so I did this number here...its the same style I was wearing since like day 4.....quick, easy and it gets all that dang hair out of my face....

I like to have fun with my hair and try new things out so I went to Ghetto-mart, I mean wal mart and bought some satin rollers (I cant get down with the sponge jump offs). Although I was suppose to be studying I rolled my hair up and let it partially dry for a few hours (NO HEAT except from my car...yes I'm hood and went out in public with rollers in my hair, I had an emergency) and I was left with ....

this hot ghetto mess! Yeah, you might be thinking it looks okay from the front but you havent seen the back yet....brace yourself now lol

Wow Nelly!!!!

What to do, what to do...this is a complete unadulterated, hot mess! *sigh* The front is decent, and the back is jacked up, so there is only one solution:

The trusty dusty- Tam!

Got this knit thingy from Urban Outfitters on Clearance! Something told me "Ms-gg...dont leave the store yet, look all the way in the bottom the clearance box first" and I found this pink one and a turquoise one! 9.99 each :)

Day 17!!!!!!!!!

and still going strong! After church service....I swear, every Sunday I leave church feeling something. Today my pastor preached about PUSH...."pray until something happens" Mayne, if the spirit didn't hit me during this sermon! It was just the message I needed at this moment.

suppose to be studyin but I need a break before work! Any how, I have another 11 days with these braids before I give myself the option to take them down. Right now, I am in no hurry for obvious reasons (I dont feel like it lol) and they dont look too rough......After having such good results with these I think that my staple style this winter is going to be box braids. They have proven the test of time and even after 17 days, unlike my twists....Im still rockin and rollin with them....

So here are my pros to braids:
more durable (I can pin them, flat twist them, curl them and wash them as much as I want and they wont unravel, or after washing them they return to their origional shape of hanging down)
I can wash my scalp/hair as much as I want
I like the way they hang

So I guess after this experiment the conclusion is braids are a staple for the winter and twists are a staple for the summer...see you on Black Friday or around that time :)


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