Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Woo Lawad! I done had my first nappy hair nightmare!

Yall know I like to talk so Im about to tell my dream, lol.....so it was like 3 dreams in one so it flew over my head at first but I had gotten a relaxer and in the dream I was mad I got the perm, but in a way, strange way I was not really too upset cause I saw my hair was longer....but I wanted "my hair" back and I was pissed because I had to start all over again.

I know why I had that dream, a couple of days ago my boyfriend asked when I was going to perm my head or something like that and I said, ummm this is me for life he then said I cant get a job with napps then I told him about lawyers and doctors who are natural yattah yattah yattah...then the night before the dream I was looking at some pics since my bc and a picture of me with a perm and was like...."wow, why would I want to go back to 'that' "so that dream just comfirmed it...right now my biggest issue is length, but I know that that comes with patience, time, and great hair care :)


Alright, now back to the regularly scheduled program!  Here is my newest do:

Like I have been proclaiming since MARCH, yes march, I have not fully detangled my hair. So I sat down, May 11thish, after an exam and long night study session, and begin to detangle my hair. I am the type of nappy that after I detangle I immediately braid it back up. So after awhile (I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to detangle HALF my hair) I gave up and wore a puff with braids all the way around my edges.

3 days later I finished detangling and wore the braids for a whole week. The braids were different sizes, the majority about medium sized.

The key for me for a good braid out is washing my hair in the braids. That "sets" the style. I think I washed it 2 or 3 times, making sure I had my ends secure so they wouldn't unravel. The first time I washed it I used Hello Hydration mixed with Cholesterol I think. Whatever I used I saturated my hair with it, let it sit for a few hours (good deep conditioning with a cap) then rinsed.
I also do a lot of wet conditioning, meaning I use a lot of World of Curls comb out spray to moisturize because I want to make sure all my hair has product on it.

I also done something different this time around. I usually shower without a cap on. I noticed my hair had retained its shape over night after I undid the braids that using a shower cap would have made me loose definition. Nothing wrong with an undefined braidout, but I wanted a defined one for a change.

Last one I think?

I'm enjoying this braid out, I'm going to hopefully continue to enjoy this braid out for 10 or more days, then try something new for the next 10 or so days....till we meet again! Stay Black!

Another Shot:

and that's it...I'm through!

Courtesy of the Wonderful People at Ms-gg's Photo Editing Studio:

naw let me stop....but I did this with my Kodak editing crap and used the cartoon feature and spotlight....doesn't look too much like any cartoon Ive ever seen but it looks pretty cool I guess lol....

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wash n Go Puff

My hair was dry, and I just felt like washing my hair just cause....so I washed with my conditioner, and after I got done, I  threw on some World of Curls Comb out spray, a little aloe gel around the edges and on the ends of my hair, and some of the WOC curl activator.

I then wrapped the satin scarf I am wearing in these pictures around my edges after I used an ouchless band to secure the puff.

Once it was safe, I removed the band, and tightened the satin scarf

. My new goal is to use this satin scarf as an everyday holder since it is safer to use on my hair than the other materials and I will feel less guilty about wearing my puffs so often on those "I dont feel like doing anything special days"


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