Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Daddy and I :)

God is good. He isn't ready for him yet. He may not be able to get around like he use to but my papa is still here. God knows he is always in church everyday, active, very active, but God has slowed him down tremendously and it hurts him a lot not to be able to do the things he once did or feel the way he did, but he is still here. And that is more important than anything to me.

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June 25th 2010:  Sigh, brings back good feelings and bad feeling to repost this post from my fotki album.  Good feelings because I remember taking this photo with him and bad feelings because he died August 22nd, 2008*

Now for some activism:

No Justice No Peace!

I didn't realize how many people where unfamiliar with the whole Jena 6 ordeal. But almost all of my friends had no knowledge of the events that are taking place down there. If you don't know about the Jena 6 PLEASE take an opportunity to read up about it....this is 2007 and they are still functioning like Jim Crow South days down there...and I don't know about you...but if this can happen in Jena...this can happen in Richmond Virginia or anywhere. No Justice, no PEACE.
You know what Bush said today? He said that the events in Jena "saddens him." What the heck is a "sadden hims"??? Saddens him doesn't release the six young men who are sitting behind bars for a high school fight on charges of murder. He is so worried about Iran and other things happening in other countries that he can't even deal with the issues and injustices of our own. What kind of crap is that? Where is Johnson? Where is Kennedy when we need them? They were the presidents that took action and made efforts to to help us. They were for the people. Bush is for himself.
Anyway...let me stop before Secret Service shows up at my door tonight....if they do I'll tell them to take their raggedy butts down to Jena. Visit and donate what you can. Every and I do mean EVERY little bit counts. Even if it is a dollar, that is a dollar less that these families have to pay. All I had in my pocket at the time of the rally that I went to was three dollars so guess what I gave? Three dollars. If I had 20 they would have gotten 20. This is our generation, our future, our country, our cause. Cause when one of us is done wrong we ALL are done wrong. Who says that they cant use the convictions from this trial and try to use it in future cases against more black men and women if they are convicted of murder in Jena? Then it will be your son, your cousin, your friend facing murder for a school fight. We cant sit up here and accept this. Stand for something or you will fall for ANYTHING.

Can You Please Just Take the Picture!

That's why I look like that ya'll...ya'll know how it is when your boyfriend is messing with you and you trying to get your pose on and he is acting a fool. I'm tryin to be peaceful today ya'll...I'm TRYING

Throwing up the six I guess?  Other than that I don't know what he's doing....

Me and my hair....because that is what you came here for lol...I found out the humidity was suppose to be 90% today so I took full advantage and juiced my hair up like some jerry curls with some curl activator.....went outside and let nature do the rest.....

I also added a flower to my head to pick up the white in the tee...other than that...nothing special :)



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