Saturday, September 1, 2007

One Year Natural!!!

Can I believe it?  No.  I never knew I had to courage to cut my relaxed hair off and rock my hair the way God intended me to.  All I knew was relaxed hair.  All I did was wrap it or what have you.  I am surprised I went from hair below my shoulders to 3 inches of nappy hair because I am not the type of person to do something as drastic and daring as that.  But after 1 year natural I'm going back to the perm.  I mean, I just cant take it anymore ya'll.  The detanglin, the styling sessions, the fotki updating....gee its just too much....

Okay I'm full of it...I love my hair too much and I am amazed at how much my hair has grown, even with the obsessive cutting every week in the first couple of months and the major haircut in June, my hair has still grown more in these 12 months than it has ever. 
I am enjoying this natural journey and lookin forward to more success in the future.
Thank you all for your comments.  I read every single one, and I appreciate all of them.  Although I may not have time to respond to all of them just know I do love them and you all too!

Dilemma:  I am kinda missing my color.  I guess after having colored hair for 6 years it is kinda hard to let go.  But I'm keeping a promise to myself to stay away from color forever because it is the devil for my hair.  My solution is to use henna as a safe way to not only color, but to give my hair a treatment at the same time.  So once I complete my research of which brand of henna to try (I am always open for suggests too *cheeses*) I plan on having my hair hennaed by the end of the month.

Yes, the earrings are apart of my own creation.

hahaha... I was talking to one of my niece's friends mother (a permie) and in the beginning of the convo she was like "Do you mind me asking, is that your real hair"
She said a couple of things I was surprised to hear her say, she said we didn't need straight hair and it was all in our mind that we got to wear straight hair...but she had straight hair so I was confused. I wanted to ask her was she thinking about going natural the way she was talking lol....

So later on in the convo she asked me how I got my hair like this I said, well I had braids in my hair about 3 days ago and yesterday I took them out. Then she asked me...."so do you have to do anything to it the next day to get it like that" or something along those lines. I told her no, I just go to sleep wake up and roll out. Then she TOLD ME "Naw you GOT to do something to it to get it to look like don't twirl it with your fingers" by this time I'm looking kind of confused because Im standing here with my niece and her two high school friends and I just told her I don't do anything but roll out of bed and go " Naw, seriously I don't, I just wake up and go...its like this because I just took braids out the other day"

I should have told her natural hair is so versatile that you would be surprised what you can do with it but that's life, you always think about what you should have said after words.

Getting My Pose On:

lol...I tell neighbors must get a kick out of me taking pics of myself....I dont care...I do me

Forget the Thinking Man....

this is the thinking nappy woman! I was having fun mellowing out sitting in the grass...I think Imma do this more often....well, until I see a bug or something then I'm ghost!


I swear I look like a hippie....

Why do I keep making hair promises? This is my intentions...ride this braid out until the wheels fall off...that means a week of braid out fro then a week of braid out puff then detangle, wash and twist. Is this likely to happen....hmmm....maybe. We will nappy anniversary is on the 23rd of this month and I got to have something fly by then so we will see :)

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