Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prepare to be Amazed

Can you say WOAH! This is a 9 month comparison shot and I am absolutely stunned at how much thickness and length I have retained in this time. Good gracious. And yes those were twists on the left as comment

Sept 26 2007 (Exactly One Year Natural)

Here I am on my 1 year nappy anniversary. I am driving but I'm being a good girl this time. Boyfriend took this picture :) Twists are 11 days old here.

Oh yeah, excuse the green jacket but I had just left golden corral and you know how it is after you get done piggin out on ice cream :) *shivers*

Swangin my Old School Beyonce Weave

Good Lord. Can you believe I wore something this hideous and actually thought I looked cute? Ewwww...nevernomore. I'll leave the long strangy weaves to Beyonce for sure.

Anyway, I threw the wig on along with the scarf just to see how I looked with straight hair since I have not seen myself with it since I threw my mommas wig on earlier this year. I DID NOT leave my house. Heaven's no.

*My neck nor any horses were harmed during this experiment*

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