Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's better......twists pulled up in a puff

With a ouchless I am 17 days with my twists....and still trying to get another week or 2 out of them...maybe....I'm still debating if I want to take them out for a street festival over the weekend. I have rinsed them once and as I have learned I can only get 1 rinse out of my twist and then they are done with.
Either way, no matter how long I keep these in this will be a record for me.....

On day 16 I tried adding Home Health's castor oil into my routine and my hair is LOVING IT. My hair has felt soft and wet to the touch all day thanks to the humidity and castor oil+shea butter+curl activator

Since Jena Six I've really been on the is my new cause:

I aint even laughing at this chick anymore...the bare feet in the restroom almost gave me a heart attack (I dont even want to walk in a public restroom with my SHOES ON) and this chick is seriously on something and somebody needs to intervene...take her to church or something....
Im dead serious though...send her to see Dr. Phil or something....

look at the little beedeebeads....Ive been playin with them so much much as I am having fun playing with them they are going to have to go.....shots like this make me want to clean them up just a bit...

I think these will be in for at least another week or so...not because I really really want to...but because once I take it out, what am I going to do? Wear the twistout then twist it back up again. Im good...I'll enjoy these twists for as long as I can and take em' out before they start to loc up (maybe) :)

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