Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flat Twists and Twists

Took about 5 hours since the twists in the back were big. I did this the same day I had my picked out Baby BAA, I found it easier to put world of curls activator and shea butter mixed together on my hair in sections first, before grabbing sections and twisting...that dramatically cut down on the time.

Usually my technique is to section off hair and grab a small section that is the twist and then add product to that section while twisting. I still do that, but I make sure my hair is well moisturized before I even start makes getting through the sections easier and everything....

About what happened after this photo shoot

Today (Oct 18) is my mother's birthday. My father took our neighbor's dog down the country just to walk the dog, get the dog out in fresh air, plus so he can get some exercise himself. I was just editing my photos when I got a call on my cell phone from my father. I had a hunch something won't right cause my father does not usually call me on my cell, except for the fact I had the phones tied up because I was in the process of updating my fotki.
My Daddy was on a deck out in the country, waving to one of our cousins, when the railing gave way and he fell a few feet to the ground. He broke his wrist, his arm and cracked his ribs. Throughout it all I just thank God he didn't fall on his head or something and broke his neck.
He is in pain now after we spent the evening in the emergency room, but we pray to God that he will be okay.

Really..this looks nothing like how I wanted it too...and although it looks nice when I tilt my head down, I am not too happy about the way it makes my had look extra long and flat. I tell you, you wear big hair for a while and any other hairstyle can start to look foreign to you...

August 07 vs. October 07

I see a lil sumethin sumethin...

current length 6-7 inches give or take a 1/2 in a few trouble spots (an area on my front temple that has been damaged by the chemicals and it grows slower or sheds more...I haven't quite caught on to its growth pattern) and spots where I get that obsessive compulsive cutting disease at...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heck Yeah I like this outfit! (Picked out fro)

hahaha...I just noticed I got the same outfit on again...don't hate! :)

so after detangling a 5 day ole puff I immediately braided my hair up and left it like so for 2 days. I was going to see my boyfriend and didn't want to throw a hat on and a wrap so I slathered World of Curls curl activator on my hair (alot) and undid my braids and my hair was the SOFTEST it has EVER EVER EVER been.

Why? A couple of theories....when I detangled my hair I also for the first time since God knows when clarified. After clarifying I did a acv rinse with a few drops of peppermint eo (essential oil). Afterward, I deep conditioned with Queen Helen's jojoba and placenta cholesterol treatment (I promise I am going to toss this stuff because placenta is a cancer causing agent and my mother and father both had (have) cancer, Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, Coconut Oil, and something else.

But the thing that made my hair soft was most definetly the WOC activator gel

A Picture Perfect for a Reflective Thought....

So the day before I wore this fro, I was in a local store and I saw a lady that I have known since I was 5 or so years old...she works at the store and is one of my mother's friends...very nice lady...

Until she ticked me off about a year ago after I bc'd....when I saw her recently all of this stuff that I had pushed out of my head came rushing back and I relived that day as if it was just a week ago.

I was in the store and I think I was rocking my 2-3 inch long shrunken fro or puff or whatever style I was wearing after I bc'd...whatever it was it was NAPPY. I was still in the mode of seeing all of my friends and family for the first time since my bc, embracing their comments and worrying that they would say something off. And she did. I was not dressed to impress, I was suffering from acne really bad because I was near my womanly thing and I was still using oils and mess on my hair....

Anyway, she was ringing me up and said to me "Lord, you done cut all your hair off and done went and got acne too" That hurt alot. A whole lot. But I didn't tell her that, why I don't know because I should have. Thank God after her comments and others comments I did not cave in and get a relaxer.

And the funny thing is, her hair does not look healthy. It is the same length it was last year, all the time I have known her while mine has grown more than it ever has in a year compared to when I was destroying it with the fiyah cream.
And I am going to make sure to pay another visit to the store with my hair out because when I saw her this time I had a hat on....

Monday, October 1, 2007

After Every Storm There is a Rainbow

it ain't really that serious but I decided to take those twists down asap after 18 days because I noticed my roots were meshing and I didn't want to risk any chances of damaging my hair because I would have to use some force to get my twists undone. Good thing I did. A few of my twists (especially in the nape of the neck) were meshed together! It took me about 6-8 hours to take down my twists (2 days) It will be a cold day in you know where before I do them that small anytime soon. Good thing I got the pictures for memories.

(Um, random commentary from the future 5/27/10....yeah right! I specialize in mini twists! I just roll with the punches now and have perfected my twisting skills and no longer deal with a lot of tangling!)

Anyway, I am wearing a braidout. I spent a day and forever to take those gawd awful twists down (took friggin 6-8 hours). I detangled as I took down each section and immediately braided my hair up. I used Paul Mitchell's the Detangler and Coconut Oil to detangle with. You talking about da bomb? My hair has never been happier.

If you have been visiting my album or have seen any older posts from me on NP my biggest complaint is how long it takes me to detangle. Well this combination is the truth and I will continue to use it and hope it wasn't a one time deal.

I just bought some unrefined/organic coconut oil from the Vitamin Shoppe (8 dollars) and used that alone as a leave in.

My hair is soft but it isn't moist. I'm use of going outside on a warm day and my hair just soak up all the moisture, But it isn't (because I don't have any glycerin in my hair). So I plan on keeping the coconut oil in my routine, but just adding glycerin (bought at the grocery store Ukrops for 2.99) to this routine.

had to pick a new location for my photo shoot because my neighbors decided they wanted to come outside today...go figure.


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