Thursday, November 1, 2007

Braids it is for the month!

sorry this picture sucks so bad but it was late evening and my camera sucks....anyway, I pinned up one side of my box braids with a hairpin that had rimstones all along the front of it and left the rest down. I was on my way to see SAW IV!!!!
But yeah, that little rascal to the left of me is my next door neighbors dog....he went two houses down, dragged a bag out of their trashcan, brought it in my yard and straight crushed the food right in front of me IN MY YARD...why? lol....silly dog....

I don't like this picture, but yeah, its just a better shot of what was going on with my hair. The first picture was more for jokes cause I thought it was so funny that little dog actually got caught on camera eating trash in my yard...

Day Seven

shrinkage after one week:

not bad...but then again these badboys haven't finished drying yet....
On the 7th day I washed these badboys using the stocking cap method (check out my routine album for instructions). I conditioner washed with Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Nature's Gate and mixed Dove Conditioner with Castor Oil and coconut this picture I literally just got done washing my hair and it is not even drippin wet thanks to the stocking cap method....

I think for once during my nappy journey I have gotten some SENSE. If it takes forever to style and detangle my hair then that means that my hair probably doesn't want to be fooled with as much. I am already putting my hair on lock down until March 23rd 2008....but I am considering only styling my hair at the most 2 times a month...because 2 weeks into this style I'm starting to feel like what the heck was I thinking about styling my hair every week or 1.5 weeks...

This is me a few hours after rinsing my hair. One of my best friends and the mother of my God daughter called me up and I invited myself to go shopping with her so I did this number here...its the same style I was wearing since like day 4.....quick, easy and it gets all that dang hair out of my face....

I like to have fun with my hair and try new things out so I went to Ghetto-mart, I mean wal mart and bought some satin rollers (I cant get down with the sponge jump offs). Although I was suppose to be studying I rolled my hair up and let it partially dry for a few hours (NO HEAT except from my car...yes I'm hood and went out in public with rollers in my hair, I had an emergency) and I was left with ....

this hot ghetto mess! Yeah, you might be thinking it looks okay from the front but you havent seen the back yet....brace yourself now lol

Wow Nelly!!!!

What to do, what to do...this is a complete unadulterated, hot mess! *sigh* The front is decent, and the back is jacked up, so there is only one solution:

The trusty dusty- Tam!

Got this knit thingy from Urban Outfitters on Clearance! Something told me "Ms-gg...dont leave the store yet, look all the way in the bottom the clearance box first" and I found this pink one and a turquoise one! 9.99 each :)

Day 17!!!!!!!!!

and still going strong! After church service....I swear, every Sunday I leave church feeling something. Today my pastor preached about PUSH...."pray until something happens" Mayne, if the spirit didn't hit me during this sermon! It was just the message I needed at this moment.

suppose to be studyin but I need a break before work! Any how, I have another 11 days with these braids before I give myself the option to take them down. Right now, I am in no hurry for obvious reasons (I dont feel like it lol) and they dont look too rough......After having such good results with these I think that my staple style this winter is going to be box braids. They have proven the test of time and even after 17 days, unlike my twists....Im still rockin and rollin with them....

So here are my pros to braids:
more durable (I can pin them, flat twist them, curl them and wash them as much as I want and they wont unravel, or after washing them they return to their origional shape of hanging down)
I can wash my scalp/hair as much as I want
I like the way they hang

So I guess after this experiment the conclusion is braids are a staple for the winter and twists are a staple for the summer...see you on Black Friday or around that time :)

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