Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 20

...and them janks had the go the next day...I had a lot of product build up on two braids (I felt the base of two of them) and I was just scared of what I would find on the rest of them so on day 21 I took them down. I didn't make it to 4 weeks as plan but I think making it 21 days is still a pretty big accomplishment. To take these braids down I saturated a group of braids with my cheapy suave conditioner and dove conditioner and took them down....total take down time was around 8 hours....2 more hours than what it took to put them in :(

As you can see I was still in love with these braids.....I was definitely not ready to take them down...I know next time that in the back of my hair to be careful with ooey gooey type products (such as the Cantu Shea Butter, what I suspect caused the build up)

Alright....I roller set my hair after detangling my hair from the bxbraids (I got done at 2 ish) and I COULD NOT get to sleep. Why? Because since going natural I have 100000000 more strands of hair and sleeping in rollers is no longer an option.....somehow I did fall asleep, for 4 hours and I woke up and threw those rollers off and picked my hair out for the baby baa you see in front of you...it was WAAAY bigger than this earlier, but for some reason I thought it would be smart to pick your hair out before you take a shower....I'm so smart....

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