Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Set of Twists (11/18)

total time for twists, Five Heartbeats+The Omen and Hell Date or 5 1/2 hours

This is day two of these twists. After wearing that picked out fro in the freezing cold, seeing 1/6 inch ends in my comb (not a lot but when I do see breaking and stuff it usually isn't enough for me to notice....this was more than I have experienced in a while and of course its due to this dang weather and my rollers but that is a long story) I decided to twist my head up.

I made a cream for these twists and it seems to be working well. I took shea butter and coconut oil and heated it up in the microwave until it was liquidy (yes word), then I mixed it up real good, I added my fote aloe vera gel to that and a dab of glycerin. The texture of it is very creamy and my hair feels nice and soft....

You know how I am about my natural light shots...but with neighbors on both side of me raking leaves and doing roof work (don't these people ever get a life? geez) I had to resort to the dinning room for my photo shoot....

See, reason #3454455 why I do not like to solicit help to others....I'm mainly talking about people who perm aka my her and my sister and my niece were sitting at the table and I was standing up in the kitchen mixing up my hair concoctions with a shower cap on my head and my hair banded up. My sister and my niece were over because my sister was going to dye my Mother's hair.

I heard my Mother say "I hope this color works cause this is for white people" I was debating if whether or not I wanted to comment cause of course I know the answer but trying to convince people who are unaware of the myths of white vs black haircare products let alone my Mother is often something I don't do, But I like to enlighten people and I couldn't resist:
"It will work, 'the white people products' will work in your hair... I use 'white people products' "...then I heard laughter from everybody
"You said you use white people products and I'm looking at your head" and my mother is looking at me all funny
"Well I do and it works....its just a marketing scheme"
"Well it must be working for her cause her hair always looks nice"
then she also said: "We have different products because black people and white people's hair are different"
At a point like this I would gladly say hair all has the same basic needs but what's the use right? So I gave up and rinsed out my Dove Conditioner aka my "white people product"
by the way, she loved how the color came out.

My plan? To keep these twists in pass Dec 6th

And since I did a pro list of why braids are good for the winter, here is my

pro list of why twists are not a bad idea for a permanent staple style for winter time:
*you don't have to part your hair to do it- save time
*unlike braids where some parts of the scalp you can't get to to scratch (like underneath the braid), with twists you can scratch ANYWHERE
*they feel light and fluffy like marshmallows (lol?)
*sometimes braids can feel a bit masculine since men are the main ones who wear them, so twists can feel a little bit more gurly
*I can use this cute metal clip on them, unlike with my braids...with the braids this daggone thing flopped around on top of my head
*these do not take longer to take down then to put in under normal conditions (ie unusual tangling)
*the shrinkage from these can be very flattering
*your scalp isn't as exposed to the elements so you get less dry scalp and less itching therefore they don't have to be washed as frequently

2 Month Comparison:

Keep in mind that the September twists are stretched, they were done on braided, dry hair and the November twists were done on mainly soaking wet, freshly washed hair....either way, not bad :)

4 Month Comparison

Alright now! So that cut back in June did pay off! When I did these in July they were shrunken twists and these in November are shrunken.

And I am losing weight (I have 1 chin again not two lol)!!!!!!! Yeah!! Now if only my mother would stop buying these chips and cookies :(

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