Monday, December 3, 2007

Done! Finished! Finally! These Box Braids!

Finally finished this mess...a week

I had a tangled mass of hair from letting my hair shrink up and stuff as it pleased and it took an hour to detangle.
I watched Dave Chappelle then Eddie Murphy Raw and got to work on my hair around 11:30 pm or midnight...I finished at 3:30 am.

But yeah, excuse the top row in the back...around 3:15 am I just gave up on comb parting....

I tried to style them a little bit because I got tired of the braids dangling in my was either pull it back or cut them off....and ya'll know I'm not afraid of scissors so I opted to pull them back out of my way...

I also added to hair clips that I bought from Targe' (4 for 2.99) in the front. It was just decoration cause it sho' won't holding nuffin back....

bling bling! new toy, too shiny for ya'll to see with the flash on, had to take another pic in natural light to get the full effect of this
I like the big fake looking ring trend and saw this at Forever 21 and was all over it...
And don't laugh at my grandma fingers...I got teased so bad in school about my wrinkly fingers I don't even like to show them lol....that's how I got the nickname in school of "Grandma"

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