Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I got sick of those box braids by the time the front was two weeks old and the back was a week old, so I took the front down once it was 17 days old. I took down the front completely in anticipation of doing the same with the back. But I decided it would be smarter to just leave the back be, and take down each braid one by one and put twists in, using the parts from the box braids....but the story doesn't end there.....

This is how I wore it when I made a last minute decision to drive to wal-mart in the freezing cold to get ingredients to make a hot fudge ice cream sundae. (as you can tell I have been slipping from my diet, I'm only human though, a greedy one at that, that likes food! lol)

Almost done....

Yep, it takes FOREVER to switch from braids to twists ya'll....I think I watched season 2 and 3 of Oz trying to do this, and I'm still not done.....you would think I actually wore this outside the house wouldn't you? hahaha...me too...

But the twistout in the front was BANGIN

and I was tempted to take my whole head down, but seriously, I am sick of fooling with my loose hair at this point, the less I have to deal with it, the more sanity I have...

However, I am satisfied with this:

flat twists going to the side and twists in one half of the front and all in the back....I have a cute story to share too about this....

I was at my job, and this lady was walking in the opposite direction of me, and she was like "WOW! Your hair is beautiful. God blessed you with thick hair!"
I told her thank you and everything then she asked me who does my hair, I told her I do, she asked me how I learned to do this, I told her I just sat around and figured it out by practicing, and she asked a few other questions...

then as she was leaving my job maybe 20 minutes later she saw me again and came to where I was and was like "I really like this" and talked to me again lol....

No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you:

No jedi mind tricks here, there are still braids back there! I'm working on it ya'll! lol

Plan for a hawt minute:

I plan to recycle these parts in the back for the rest of the winter or until I want to try flat twists in the back of my hair (which probably won't happen).

This helps me to keep some of my sanity because its a pain to part in the back as I'm sure all of you know how it is!
Dang, December is almost over with and what we got left, January and February and a little of March and we back to warm weather again. I. CAN'T. Wait. I think my hair has suffered enough!!!


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  1. i LOVE the hairstyle with the bonet on it, and the thick two strand twists hanging out, thats the best hairstyle i have seen wit a bonet.



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