Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Protect Your Neck, I mean Naps!

On a cold day....thank gawd for this knit snood thing! I'm on a mission to have one in every color. I saw a sequin one in a picture and now I'm on the hunt for that too!

They are perfect for concealing shower caps under your hat. If I'm not wearing a shower cap (sometimes the heat generated under one of those things can become irritating and make me feel icky) I will put a satin bonnet underneath this thing....

Another day, same hat:

I don't know know whats going on but I'm not really feeling my hair right Ive been hiding it under my hats. I think I just want to rock my fro but with these cold temperatures I can't.

So I just throw it back into these hats and keep it moving. Only 90 something more days to go (blah!) isn't it sad that Winter isn't even here YET :(
I don't think Imma make it ya'll....

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