Friday, January 4, 2008


OHMIGAWD ya'll....occasionally I do spot checks on my shed hair to see how my strands are doing, whether they have splits or incomplete splits (holes in the hair strand that will cause breakage and splits in the future) and I got ALL of that. At first I thought it was on one strand, maybe concentrated in ONE AREA. Nope. It is all over the place. I don't know what to do. Im frustrated at this point. I do protective styles to reduce the risk of damaging my hair and my hair STILL gets damaged. I deep condition for 1-2 hours every week! AAAAAAA! I have seen this on about 4 strands that have shed, and have seen a lot of splits in general and an increase in split ends...I panic ya'll cause I haven't gotten split ends in like almost a year and I'm just heated right now.... :(

here is a good article on split ends:
never knew that "dryness" is a cause of split ends...I think that is what screwed me up...did I ever tell you I frickin HATE winter?

another theory of how I could have gotten the incomplete splits (yes I really do sit and think about this stuff!):
1)brushing my hair-I have a 100% boars bristle brush that I bought at a beauty supply store (I think) back when I was a permie. I had this SAME problem sometime in late 2006 when I was using
this SAME brush (haven't used it since)..hmmmm
I dont rough handle my hair so that is the only thing I can think of....I hate setbacks....that brush is getting the boot....
2) In November or so I tried to air dry my hair on rollers. My hair got caught in the rollers and I had to rip them out of my head :(....but I don't think that this would cause the multiple holes I see in my strands....I think its the brush
3) Too much protein: I think I have done either 2-3 protein treatments since September.
4) Protective styles....maybe they do more harm then good because that's all I do?

Besides my hair looking like swiss cheese this dry air is murdering my napps....they will NOT stay moisturized for nothing...castor, coconut, hair laughs at it....

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