Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Years!!

This is Christmas Day

but its going in the January album just cause I can do that.... :P lol

Me and mi Madre...(I think that's right???), on our way to my sister's house for some bomb papa didn't want to take a pic so he is not featured :(  (since he has been diagnosed with cancer and has been losing weight he doesn't like to take pictures if you can understand) mother don't look too bad to be 68 does she? ;)

How My  Hair was Holding Up:

Its 8 days old here.....I think I am officially in love with big-medium size twists on me....I think this is fittin to be the jank for the 0-8 (ya'll aint know I was a rapper did ya'll... Ms-gg, album in stores, spring 08!) I promise Im sober....

Braidout (new year's eve):

compared to the one I did in December, this one is more shrunken cause it wasn't 100% dry when I took it down, plus I didn't braid each section up slathered in curl activator gel or aloe vera gel, I slathered it on after the fact....

Plus these braids were bigger than the ones I did in December so that's why its more chunkier....But I like it like this too....

My hair needs a break from all the twisting and braiding. Although I am a believer in the power of protective styles and length retention, I am also a believer in letting your hair breathe and rest every now and then and letting it do its I did a braid out after spending aaaaaaallll day Sunday taking down my twist style (note to self, braided roots on twists are a beach).

I retested a product that I gave up on after it didn't work to good on when I first bought it, the Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme, and the HB Castor Oil, and it left my hair pretty darn soft...I think they both might be a keeper....


October v. December
I see some good growth...My ear is completely covered up and it flops more now then it did back looks fuller...but I still favor the october one over this one but its all good.....

Umm....please tell me why I have been getting the urge to cut my hair back down to my July 07 length ya'll? I loved my twist outs and twists at that length.....I think I'm going to shoot for my waist length goal or however long my hair will grow goal, then chop my hair back down to a 4 inch fro...I loved it....

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