Friday, January 25, 2008

Reverse Reverse!

Since my puff size is starting to get ridiculous I can just use one of those goodie's ouchless bands to create a puff. I discovered the ouchless band that covers up that glue like material that fuses the material together and I love it 10000 times more than the one that leaves that rough glue rubbing against your hair.

For those of you who do use it, you can smooth it down some with a nail file.

Now it is a shrunken puff.... I was so not ready to take this down but you know how it is...if you dont do it now you never will....

And this will be the last time I let my hair sit in a puff this long. I might have to give myself a 1/2 inch trim because of it...all of the single strand knots I have collected in a week's time is ridiculous!

Imma regret this one:

small shrunken twists. When its time for these badboys come down I'm gonna clip the ends of each one first because as I was twisting my ends were tangly and knotty from that daggone puffing I did for a week.

I have also noticed I can see my scalp a little in the back, something I haven't seem since my hair was jacked up from the color. I just hope that it is because my hair is getting longer and making my scalp more visible. It also looks a little thinner to I said I hope I'm just worrying over nothing...

Sept 07 v. Jan 08: 

Check this out! If I am not mistaken (I have to go back and reread to make sure later) the twists done in September were stretched out and the ones I did this month are shrunken! I could not believe the length of these badboys while I was twisting my hair...I was like "where did all this hair come from???" lol....since Im anti heat right now probably next month I will lose my mind and do box braids....

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