Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me on my Burfday!

A braid out for the birthday girl!  Sigh, I have been experiencing breakage, coming from these  splits all up and down a lot of strands of my hair. I don't know what is causing it, and I am sooo mad that it is happening especially since I am very gentle and treat my hair like it will break if I even looked at it the wrong way.

Anyway, I gave myself a really really really good trim, probably took off 2-4 inches overall. But Im still experiencing breakage (sigh). If things don't improve I guess Im going to have to do another trim.

But for this braid out I deep conditioned with ORS hair mayo (THE BEST DEEP CONDITIONER EVER!!!) while my hair was in braids, then afterward I slathered world of curls gel on my hair (generously). The next day (my burfday) I added shea butter to each braid as I took them down. My hair was soooo soft all day long thanks to the high humidity and 70+ temperature. That is one thing that you have to remember when you use products like curl activators, they only work well in high humidity. If the humidity is not there YOU MUST add a concealer on top like an oil or butter or your hair will be dry because you can have soft hair but its not moisturized.

If yall wanna know how elderly I am, I turned 22 this year. Im an old fart :P

What I was working with before I cut it off:

I'll get there again hopefully.....I just need to find a way to stop this breakage first....

I'm not "back back" ...meaning I'm making hair updates, but I thought that I would at least let you all know how I'm doing with my journey to stop this breakage!

Well after about a week or few days of wearing my birthday fro I stuck a shower cap on top of my head and left it on for about two weeks or more ie...I didn't detangle from february 4 until february 20ish and my fro was looking like a hell I had not washed my hair in 3 weeks. I was so down and out about my hair breaking off I didn't want to touch the stuff.... ie it was a matted, nappy nightmare.

I did this also to give myself some time to plan what I should do instead of what I WANTED to do. See, because I was about 10 seconds away from loosing 6 or more inches out of FRUSTRATION instead of thinking this thing through. I forgot to really consider why I am experiencing this breakage, including really taking consideration to the fact that it more than likely is stemming from those rollers from november or so. I didn't experience an immediate reaction to the rollers getting caught in my hair back then (resulting in me having to rip them out my hair) and this could be from that. Also those metal hair barrettes I rocked for 2 weeks....

I finally decided to cut a little here and a little there. I think so far I have cut 3-4 inches overall. That way I can be a little bit more conscious of how much hair I'm losing and if I need to cut more. Next winter I think I am going to plan to wear my hair under a shower cap at least 70% of the day. I learned my lesson this year.


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