Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back to Protective Hairstyles I go....

Micro twists

Uh....these thangs took about 8 hours or so to do. The reason why they took so long was because I decided to part my hair with my fingers this time instead of grab and go.

I did this so I can see if it was the grabbing and going that was causing my tangling with micro twists. I have a feeling micro twists regardless cause tangles...but I love them so much though :(

Total time: 8+ hours (broken up over 2 days to keep my sanity)
Products used:
World of Curls Curl Activator (for extra dry hair)
Aloe Vera Gel
World of Curls Combout Spray to moisturize the next day
duckbill clips
patience patience patience

Let me tell you, I deep conditioned my hair before I started twisting it right, I looked at my hands and they were covered in glitter! Do you know the fools at John Frieda's use GLITTER in their Frizz Ease Deep Conditioner?!?!?! You talking about heated.....they could have told somebody on the bottle they did that mess or something....the only question I have to ask is why?

If I could have any hair shape....

I would want this one. This bob shape where it is longer in the front then the back. Im too chicken to do it though. Maybe one day though my front length will catch up to the back because the back is on the move!

i reused the parts in the front from my lazy flat twist twist style last month (2-3 weeks ago)


 See I did part all the way through:

scouts honor. 

I am such a lazy daisy when it comes to being thorough with doing my hair that I never take the time out EVER to part all the way through my hair front to back when I do twists. I saw how neat Kemi's hair looks in twists and she says she finger parts so I decided to give it a shot because comb parting in this jungle of napps is for the dogs. 

It could have been neater but as long as I can see my scalp for right now, Im not complaining. Also now when I do updos and half up and down styles my hair can look a little bit more neat and professionally done instead of bootlegged like it normally does.

I also did not go through the process of parting out rows and then splitting them down into little sections. All of that is too tedious and time consuming and a waste of time since the parts aren't visible like that. I had about 8 or so jumbo braids in the back of my hair (the front still had flat twists and regular twists in it and those parts were the guide for that section) and took each section down one by one and finger parted twists out that way.

I did it this way because when I use to get microbraids put in my hair my cousin never parted row by row, but would section out big sections of hair and braid from there. It makes it look more natural and all that jazz. 

 GG's editing studio:

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  1. Hello! I love your style! I have 4c hair and it shrinks ALOT! What can I use to achieve this style without it shrinking?



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