Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Ole Jumbo Tootsie Roll Twists

I am suprised that these turned out so nice and were so big. My good friend at work said my hair looked like pasta lol. And I expected people to wonder why I was wearing "ceily braids" because I did these so big or "janet braids" but I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from these twists.

I used aloe vera gel+world of curls activator gel only and you talking about SOFT. My hair was so soft and moist that day my hair literally felt WET. I kept feeling my hair wondering what was going on. I wouldnt trade naptural hair in for NOTHING.

Oh yeah, if you look really close you might be able to see the remains of my henna conditioning.....

I'm also proud to say.....

that these bad boys are SHRUNKEN TWISTS!


yes, these bad boys are just as shiny in person as they are in the pictures. And I give all credit to aloe vera and world of curls.  The secret is to use them while you are twisting on damp or wet hair.

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