Friday, March 14, 2008

Braid out? Twist out? IDK, my hair is out

I am so ready for spring. Although I said I was on a protective style challenge until March, I think I have had enough with them for right now. But I don't think I did such a bad job considering that I have been wearing protective styles almost nonstop since July. Right now I am ready for big hair and I am experimenting again (this is how I got into trouble last month with my "experiments").

With this braidout I am actually on day 3, and every-night I rebraid my hair is about 15 or so big plaits (under 30 minutes) and take them loose the next day (15 minutes)...since the air is dry outside and its still kind of chilly I take this opportunity to slather more aloe vera gel and shea butter and whatnot on my hair every night and put a shower cap over it and let it marinate while I sleep. So far so good....I will report back next month when my hair starts breaking off again from all this manipulation....

RIP to my kitty in the background.

Afrika, My Afrika

Just had to share my new shirt. I got it at Kohl's and I was very suprised when I saw it because normally I don't see black countries represented in Department stores.....but I think its a pretty cool shirt, just had to share it with my stylish nappy divas....


  1. feelin your style ;-)

    love the shirt, and keep it natural black queen.

  2. how do u maintain a braid out or twist out? mine only lasted a day

  3. Hi p2bb :) I just retwist and rebraid my hair at night. I will put my hair in big sections and take them down in the morning. I try to keep my hair stretched out as much as possible in order to prevent knots and tangles. HTH :D



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