Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Hairstyle that Keeps on Giving (throwback July 2008)

I have heard watercolorz (a member of nappturality) talk about leaving your roots braided and wearing the ends loose for so long but never got around to trying it out, until today. Since I already had the roots braided with these twists I just took the twisted part loose and left the roots braided, and over a 24 hour period it has began to coil up to get the look that you see right here. I like the way it looks here moreso than how it looked when I first took it out.

One plus I have heard about this style is that it can be cowashed often. A negative is the takedown...I have heard that with a lot of cowashing it can lead to a nightmare when it comes to taking this style down...

It may not look like it here, but trust me, the roots were braided....

The only thing I don't like is the gap at the top of my head in this pic (please don't throw anything at me lol)

These babies right here are the second set of braided roots and twisted ends.

I did this set after taking down the braided roots twist out from the pictures up above. I did this on July 4th and it took over TWELVE hours to take down and retwist. Yeah huh. I said TWELVE hours dawg. That was NOT a typo. So yeah, believe the hype I said earlier...taking out braided roots and loose ends is a MOTHA!

This is the four day old twist out may be older than that...I really don't remember.

This was around the time my daddy was on his death bed and I lost track of things like that if you understand...

Scuse the acne, bad brows and makeup and bra strap...yeah I really won't worried about NUFFIN

Okay now it just morphed into a twistout fro! Dang, and I thought the Transformers and Power Rangers were some bad dudes! They ain't got nuffin on my hair! Woop Woop!

I was loving it! One of my best twist out fros to date!


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