Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hairstyles: Braidout December 2008

My hair is on life support. You should see the tragedy that are my hair strands. It is absolutely nasty. A lot of my strands have incomplete splits, and some of them are so damaged it looks like a dog chewed on them or double dutch jump ropes. Am I going to cut it, Ms obsessive hair Not now. since I don't know what caused it, and how to prevent it, who is to say it is going to go away with a massive 6 inch or more cut? One day I will cut it off, it just won't be in my near future. The main area that seems to be in trouble is the middle of my hair. I often wonder if this is a permanent issue with my hair ever since I use to rock those fake ponytails in the middle of my hair. Maybe my hair follicles are permanently damaged. Who knows....My hair is still growing so I am not taking the hedge trimmers to my hair just yet....


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