Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food: Kashi Bars!

Oh my goodness let me tell you! I love fiber bars, number one because it helps me stay, you know...regular (sorry! I know TMI, TMI!), and number two because I am on a diet and it is an excuse to eat something sweet and not feel bad about it (not that much anyway). So I picked up these Kashi bars as a substitute to the Kroger store brand and Quaker oats kind. They are SOOO good. They are not too sweet as the other, I guess, inorganic kinds are (is that the right word for the other stuff?), but they still have flavor. If you are use to the real sweet stuff it might take some getting use to but personally, I love them! So far I've tried the Pumpkin Pie flavor and the Dark Chocolate Coconut. They are really good ya'll! Mmmmm...

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