Saturday, March 27, 2010

Natural Hair Hierarchy is Malarke

  I want to talk about a sensitive subject within the natural community. I want to talk about how we define "natural." There are always debates about who is and who is not natural. As human beings that is 100 percent natural (no pun intended) to want to label and define your reality. I have no beef with that.

  One problem that I do have I must admit, is when people believe that the only way that someone 
 People who wear braid outs and twist outs are seen as having a euro-centric mindset.

   I have heard some people argue that people who wear braid outs or other stretched out hairstyles only do so because they secretly wish they had straighter hair, one that mimics white people.

  I am sorry but I think that that argument is ludicrous.

  It takes a certain type of person to be able to go against the grain. The fact that someone has the courage to stop straightening their hair with harsh chemicals or heating devices says a lot about that person. And I am not trying to put down people who still straighten their hair, because it really does take a strong, open minded, brave person to go against the norms of society. When you go against the norms of society you are going to be met with fierce opposition from people telling you to try to "get back in line." So that is why I believe that it is crazy to call someone who has stopped straightening their hair unnatural.

Picture of my braidout

  People wear stretched out styles for various reasons. Personally, I do it because I get a lot of single strands knots if I don't and tangles.
And let me keep it real, I am not a big fan of my shrunken hair.
  Yes I said it, I don't like it that much. But I don't believe that I am any less down for the cause because of it, nor am I not "on the same level" as other naturals who do like their shrunken fro. I am not going to walk around looking like a hot mess to appease anyone.

  Yes I said it again. I think my shrunken unmanipulated fro is a hot mess due to the uneven shrinkage. That felt good to get that off my chest. To each their own. It is just like the argument that free form locs are the king of all locs.

  Locs are locs and I hate that within the microcosm of natural hair we have to place this hierarchy on natural hair. That is all. I will step off my soap box and open the floor for comments.



  1. ive never heard someone make such a dumb assumption lol. what a shame!
    I love my hair in any hairstyle.. just as long as its natural :]
    i were a chucky twistout because if i just wash my hair without taking to the time out to seperate it, itll just dry with lots of tangles..
    i only do this when im lazy :]

  2. Thank you! I am the same way. If I let my hair dry without separating it into braids or something like that, it would be a hot mess!



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