Monday, April 26, 2010

Im an 80's Baby

Born in 1986, but I act like I was born in 1946, I'm an self proclaimed old soul. Anyway, check this out ya'll:

Yeah, so I am definitely working on getting me a new camera....if you squint real hard, you can see the cute little mini lips that is the handle! How cute!

Please excuse the pen marks too, when I saw that on the side of my beautiful wallet I almost had a conniption. I dig this wallet because, well, it looks like it stepped right out the 80's! I know I was only a toddler in the 80's but I remember all the red and pink lips and these guys:

Anybody else had the 7 UP video game on Sega Genesis?!!?!?

I know I took it waaaay back with that one. I like this wallet because I can do this:

It's so sleek and flat and small that it goes perfect with those little cute clutch bags and you still have room for lipgloss and the blackberry! And its RED. Yum! I only wish I would have gotten the pink one too, especially since I couldn't decide... oh well...maybe your local H&M still has some left. If I am not mistaken, I think they cost less than 5 bucks...what a great deal!



  1. That lips clutch has my name written ALL OVER IT!

  2. Oh yes, that is definitely your style!

  3. I used to have that sega game on my game gear in 1993. haha. I loved it but could never get futher than some certain section!!

  4. Lol! That's what I hated about those old games, you couldn't finish it in one setting so you had one of two choices, 1)turn it off and start ALL over again
    2)let the system stay on overnight and overheat it :(



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