Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Before the Naps

I think that no nappy journey is complete without one, because every journey has a beginning. And I want to invite you to take a journey back in time before I decided to stop wearing perms. Lets get started:

Just Graduated high school- June, 2004. Got the fresh perm, got my hair wrapped, fried, dyed and laid to the side! Holla!

Me and my niece, Baby Luv (she is going to kill me!) Winter 2001. Wearing one of my old favorite hairstyles, side part with a side swoop clipped back with a click clack. Couldn't tell me NUFFIN. And had on the black air force ones too and the purple guess jeans? Chile please, it was a RAP.

"Transitioning" to natural in 2005
So I I got micros in March of 2005 because I was "transitioning to go natural." It never happened though, I chickened out after 6 months of growing my hair out and got a perm in the late fall of 2006. Biggest mistake ever!

Little Miss GG, sometime in the 80's, either 88 or 89. Check out the Alphie and Pull and Play! Eighties Baby all day!
Late 1980's

More pictures of me as a toddler:

I was about 3 or 4 here and check out my nerve! I marked up my parents walls right, twisted the poor head of that fierce purple rocker chick, left her for dead on the floor, and now I'm smiling about it! Somebody need to lay some hands on me, and I'm not talking about a redemption either!

So vintage 80's right? Check out the Ronald McDonald poster, and old school shopping cart. Man I miss being a kid! Enjoy your youth kiddos!

September/October 2002

Still rocking the wrap, the only hairstyle I really knew as a permie, that I wore for 5 years with almost no variation except a ponytail here and there when I was in need of a perm. BORING. I never liked getting my hair straightened with heat because I KNEW it was damaging but I knew nothing else. I was a slave to the perm.

For my complete hair history please see my Hair Story :)

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