Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 5 of abusing my hair (june 2008)

I mean of my picked out puff lol...I'll pay for this later....on today I went down to the river...had a pretty decent time....didn't get the napps wet on purpose, this was my first time ever getting in the water with natural hair ya'll! I was so nervous....especially with a puff...if it were braids or twists I would have been less cautious but with my hair all out and about I was scared of what would happen to my hair if I would have got it soaking wet so I avoided getting it wet at all...well, except when a big funny looking dragon fly landed on my nearly got swept away with the current trying to dodge that sucka! I heard they sting bad and I wasn't trying to find out if it was true or just an urban legend...

I'm so nosey ya'll...some people across the street were arguing and I was all up in it...that ghetto girl was all like, "next time you call Im not going to answer my phone either...." going on and on lol....apparently another chick called on her man phone and she picked it up or something because it was ringing and he got mad she answered it or some other was too funny as you can see...


  1. I love your hair style in these pics. Very cool! Im on the road of being natural and im always looking for new hairstyles to do without heat. Love your blog. Great posts.

    Hair and Makeup

  2. Thank you so much! Good luck with your natural hair journey and thank you for stopping by!



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