Sunday, May 16, 2010

Give The Baby Some

Natural hairstyles and young children.  Trying to find appropriate natural hairstyles for toddlers can be difficult.  I often volunteer to do my goddaughter Li Li's hair for her mother (my bestie), continuing to experiment on cute hairstyles for her other than puffs and pigtails.  Besides, I love doing hair.

I don't know about you, but there is something therapeutic and relaxing about doing hair.

Because I was on a time crunch (I had to go to work), I did a simple hairstyle for my Li Li, some braided roots and twisted ends, and diagonal flat twists in the front.

It took a little over 2 hours, only because I made a few mistakes that I had to correct, and well, she is a baby (about to be 3 next month!) and she got a little distracted playing with her plush pooh bear and chit chatting with the cartoons lol. But honestly, she is a really good, well behaved baby and she sat still for the whole 2 hours! Most grown adults can't do that! lol

As you can see, I did diagonal parts in the front, and the braided roots twists in the back. I braided her roots so that the style would last a little longer.

The theory is that with twists, the parts start to get fuzzy after a short while but with braids, the parts last longer. Hopefully it can hold up for a week or two *crosses fingers*

For the flat twists in the front, I used fruit of the earth aloe vera gel with naturals. Her hair LOVED it. It made her hair really defined (she has really coily hair) and it made the best flat twists! I was very pleased with the end result! So was Li Li! Look at that smile :)

Li Li has very soft and fine hair, very VERY different from mine. My hair is really coarse and dry. So I could not use the same amount of products on her hair as I do my own. Where my hair normally needs a lot of product to make it even FEEL like hair, I only had to use a little bit of world of curls curl activator gel to twist her hair with.

But for her twists, I mostly used shea butter. I have a feeling that shealoe would be her holy grail product. Her hair loves shea butter a whole lot.

As you can see, I did brick pattern parting. This parting mimics the way bricks look, where each braid or twist is not directly on top of one another. If you ran your finger down her parts vertically, you can see that it goes in a stair step pattern. To get it to look like bricks, you have to make sure that the parts running vertically are not right on top of each other. The best way that I have found to prevent this is by making the part that is right below or above a twist or braid directly above or below the center of the one that it come beneath or above. That is what creates the brick pattering. If the braids and twists were stacked right above each other, they would not look like bricks.

Since this may sound like a foreign language, I promise to add a diagram of how to do brick pattern parting in the near future!  Edited in 2011: Here is a post about it here!

This type of parting is good for thin hair because it helps the hair to look more fuller, since the braids or twists are not directly on top of each other, leaving huge gaps on the scalp.

While braided the roots, I made sure to braid very loosely. I tend to be heavy handed when I braid, even on my own head. Since she is a baby, and she can't really verbalize if her hair is too tight, I tried my best to make sure that I did not hurt her.

No hairstyle should ever cause you pain to the point that you need to take aspirin to stop your head from throbbing! But that is a different post for a different time!

More shots of Li Li's hair...

Look at her giving me the side eye. lol

After the ice pop it was all good for Li Li

Li Li had enough for the day, she gave me the universal stank face. And on that note, that's all folks!



  1. LMBO, how cute!!! My god daugther is also a Li-Li and she is 3. She however does not let me do her hair lol. I was barely able to twist her hair that was in two pigtails. She hates getting her hair done!

  2. What a coinkidink! See, that is what surprised me! Most little kids do not sit still enough for you to do any style but even when she was about 17 months old she would let me do her hair for hours. I think the real reason is because she is a lil old lady! lol

    Take care love and thank you for stopping by!



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