Friday, May 14, 2010

Let That Damaged Hair Go!

I touched on this subject slightly last month but I want to reiterate something that may have been lost in the post: if your hair is extremely damaged, if you have splits in your hair that make your strands look like wishbones, chile let it go! One thing that makes hair look very unattractive is damage. See through ends, twists and braids that are thick for the first few inches, then half way down they get real ever seen that before? All of these things take away from the aesthetic appearance of your hair and in the end (no pun intended), I think most of us strive for healthy, beautiful hair.

And you want to know a secret? Not too many people seem to know this but, hair grows back! I swear it will! You don't believe me? I'm going to try to prove it to you, look see:

As you can see, the picture on the left is of July 2007. I cut my hair off because of color damage, or damage done by my transition to natural hair. Let me set the picture for you:

During my transition to natural hair in 2006, I dyed my hair several times. The reason why was because in 2005, my former beautician dyed my hair a very very bright neon yellow and orange. But this is a different story for another day. To combat this, I kept dying my hair with semi permanent colors every week or few weeks so that I could keep that nasty dye job at bay.

Then sometime in the summer of 2006, I dyed the front of my hair for the heck of it. As I grew my natural out after I cut off all the perm, I noticed how drastically different the front of my hair was from the back of my hair, which wasn't colored. I thought that that was just how my hair was. What did I know? I had never seen my natural hair before, so I had nothing to compare it to.

But I knew something wasn't right. Look here:

Do you see how busted my colored ends are? Yuck! This is June of 2007. My ends look dry, and they felt hard and crispy. They had to go! So I said eff it and cut as much as my colored hair off that I could:

This wasn't all the hair I cut off, but I sure wasn't digging in the trash can to get it!

This is after the cut. The time period is July 2007 My hair looks SOOOO much more healthier....

See the difference again? Those colored ends would not coil up at all and whenever I would pull my hair back with a clip in the front the ends would be fuzzy and nasty looking...and they would hardly ever hold.... And I knew my hair was not like that because it wasnt doing that in the back...

Now, remember I did this in July of 2007. Now, once again, lets take a trip back to the end of 2007:

The picture above was taken in December 2007. What the french toast sticks? I can't believe my eyes, in 5 months, my hair grew back and then some! Well I be darn! And it looks much more healthier too doesn't it?

Even between June and September 2007 there is a BIG difference in not only the fullness, and aesthetic appearance, but it grew right back! The June 2007 picture is right before the cut, and as you can see, by September it was almost back to the same length it was before.

Alright, alright, okay! I'm going to leave you alone-for now! But I promise I am going to be back to convince you to let go of those damaged ends. I am a big ole front row cheerleader for healthy hair. And I am determined to convince you to let go of those damaged ends if that means I have to sneak up behind you with my shears and do it myself!

And if you want to know a little bit more about my decision to cut my hair, more pictures of the damaged ends, why don't you check out my June 2007 fotki album:

For more pictures of my hair right after my cut, check out my July 2007 fotki album:

And for more comparison pictures of my hair growth throughout the years, check out my comparison album:

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