Thursday, May 20, 2010

Like Two Black Eyed Peas in an IPOD


  1. Honestly when I had my TWA I wasn't getting hit on as much as I use to. Once my hair grew I noticed that I attracted didn't type of guys. Well I started attracting grown men. The current guy that I am dating (not seriously tho) loves my hair. He says I am the first natural chick that he's messed with and he too had his misconceptions about 100% black natural hair (I say 100% because bi-racial hair was always more accepte). Once we hadn't seen each other in two weeks and he said "Can I come over and see you. I miss your hair" lol. Very weird, I know lol.

    Sha :-)

  2. That is not weird at all! That is too cute! Nothing like a man that can love and appreciate nappy hair! Girl, I tell you, the men just can't get enough of the fro!

    Take care love and thank you for stopping by and posting!



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