Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Bow Peep

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Little Bow Peep/Ain't got no sheep/ gotta jar of lanolin and a wool coat that's pink

Oh! Don't hate on my rhymes, you ain't know? Imma a baby Tupac in training ;)

*Sigh* Let me stop playing with ya'll and show off my new hair accessory:

This animal print bow was originally on one of those plastic headbands with those scary teeth on it. But I refused to put that contraption on my naps after I almost dang near shaved my head bald so that I could have healthy hair...no ma'am, so I carefully took off the bow and then reinserted it onto a smoother polyester headband.

I also added a little netting to the headband to jazz it up a little bit. It's still a little too plain for my liking but it will do for now.

In the future, I plan on making some extra bow headbands and fashion accessories because I just LOVE jazzing up the fro...who said nappy hair can't be cute and funky fresh...hmph! They haven't seen Ms-gg yet!

By the way, my twists will be officially one week old tomorrow (Wednesday May 19th). They still look pretty darn good to be 6 days old if I do say so myself. The key for me is to manipulate my hair as little as possible. No satin bonnets, satin scarves, molesting my hair, looking at it...nothing! Just let it be. I spray it everyday with World of Curls Comb out spray and roll out. Keeping it simple will not only keep your hair looking fresh, but it will also keep it on your head!

The more you mess with it, the more stress you cause to your strands, and that stress can potentially lead to breakage. But only you know how much your hair can tolerate. And this is learned through trial and error.

Personally, I have learned over these past years that I have to manipulate my hair as less as possible if I want to have healthy hair. Hopefully you will find that right balance for you and your hair.



  1. Cute! Low maintenance definitely helps to keep hair healthy.

  2. I love that bow. Very stylish

  3. Um, there is another comment, I know because I saw it, but it is not showing up. I apologize that blogger is not showing your comment hun. I appreciate that you took the time to comment on my blog.

  4. Okay, now it is showing once I put blogger on blast. Thanks G! It sure is!



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