Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Nappy Question 1

I have a question for you: I have heard rumors that they are making a pill that will alter someone's natural hair texture. Don't believe me, google it!

On the real, if this pill was approved by the FDA, was tested, and proven to be more safer than Flintstones chewable tablets, would you take them? If there were no risks involved at all hypothetically speaking, would you take a pill that would turn your napps into straight hair?

Alright, now check this out: what if they had several different strengths right. The low dose is called Curligen and this would be taken once a week, and this would loosen your hair texture slightly.

The highest dose would be straightigen and this would be taken once a day, and this would give you straight hair.

And like I said, this would all be approved by the FDA with no risks whatsoever! Would you do it? Discuss


Take a minute to really think about it, and post it on up!

And here is a snippet of an article I found on the pill that they are working on:

A bad hair day may soon be easily fixed with the pop of a pill, London's Daily Mail reported.

Australian researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research have discovered a "curly hair gene," which could lead to new hair treatments that don't involve using damaging hot irons.

The trichohyalin gene influences the hair follicle's devolpment, and is also responsible for making curls. The gene's variation determines if a person will have curly or straight hair.

Scientists said the gene could also help refine DNA kits used by forsenic pathologists to determine if a suspect has curly or straight hair.



  1. No, I most certainly would NOT want any parts of this said pill. I'm not one for taking medicine so I'm certainly not on board with this. I was born with my hair just the way it is. God didn't make any mistakes on my naps. No need in me pretending otherwise; every other nationality, race and or culture takes pride in their hair. No reason I shouldn’t and can’t take pride in mine.



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