Monday, June 9, 2008

Screw Snakes on a Plane (June 2008)

There were snakes in the river!
So today was the first day I have ever been down to the river. My parents are the most paranoid people in the world and have heard about all of the drownings and bad stuff about the river that they have never been themselves (despite being over 60 years old). So after telling me how much fun he and his friend had several times and convincing me about how it really isn't that bad my boyfriend finally convinced my paranoid self to go on down to the river. I was scared because of all of the bad things I heard too...shoot, if I'm going out, I want to go out like a soldier....I don't want to have my cause of death to be "drowning at the James" if I'm going out, I'm going out.

First of all, I almost lost my life on this raggedy bridge (this thing was off the chain ya'll). As you walk across this broke down ghetto thing you can hear the wood squeaking underneath your feet, and if you look down in certain spots you can see the rocks down below, probably 100 or more feet below you where the river is slightly dried out. It was scary. Cars, bikers and everything else goes across that bridge. And there were a couple of spots where they patched it up with more wood and a few spots that felt really weak where you feel like you might fall below. I almost cried ya'll because I am so afraid of heights....

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