Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Up in My Fro 1

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Over the last couple of years, I have received a lot of questions inquiring about my hair and asking about natural hair in general. One thing that I want to do is provide a few answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that I have received over the years. Here goes:

The number 1 most asked question over the last few months:

Why did you cut off ALL your hair (are you nutz!)?!?!?!!

Maybe lol! But definitely not for cutting all my hair off! I cut my hair because deep down inside, it was

something I wanted to do for a while. I wanted to see how I looked with shorter hair. Everyone always says,

"I would look awful with short hair!"

Yet, they have never done it and hence, they will never know. And since my hair was extremely damaged (I

had all these incomplete splits going almost to the root of my hair), I decided to shave all my hair off! I did it in baby steps though over a 9 month period of time.

Q: Are you keeping your hair short or growing it out again?

  I am definitely, without a doubt, growing my hair back out again! It was fun shaving my hair off, but I don't think that short hair is for me. It is more convenient than longer hair, but I miss playing in my hair!

   Maybe when I have long detangling sessions again I will long for the shorter hair, but I shaved my hair off, saw what I looked like and I am ready to be swinging my hair again!  I do not want to discourage anyone from cutting their hair off, it was an awesome experience, but I am ready for a BAA again!

Q: How long have you been natural?

Flat twist/twist combo: December, 2006

In September of 2010, I will be celebrating my fourth year of naturalness.

Q: How long did you transition?

I transitioned for a total of six months. I got my last relaxer on March 23rd, 2006, and big chopped on September 26, 2006.

Q: How often do you wash your hair and what is your routine?

I wash my hair with shampoo once a month or every 6 weeks or so. I am not big on shampoo because it strips all the natural sebum from my scalp and hair, leaving it extremely dry. Generally, I dilute Dr. Bronner's castile soap (about 10 drops or so) in 1/4 cup water and use that to wash my hair.

I never use shampoo straight because it is not necessary. Matter of fact, I use shampoo so infrequently, I still have the same bottle of shampoo I bought more than 4 years ago, the day after I bc'd!

Anyway, I do not have a set regimen, except for that I wear my hair in protective styles (braids and twists and such) for about 2-3 weeks, and wear my hair loose for about 1-1.5 weeks. I also deep condition about once a month.

I trim my hair all over probably once a month or every other month, and I always do me light trimming whenever I style my hair to get rid of single strand knots and whatever else irks

Q: Ms-gg, do you have a Youtube channel?

Yes ma'am!

Q: How do you achieve your chunky fro look?
To get a chunky fro, I do either a braid out or twist out.

Q: How do you do your braid-outs?

I like to do my braid outs on damp or soaking wet hair. I let it dry in the braids so that it will "set" the style in, sort of like with a roller-set. So usually, after I wash my hair, I already have my hair sectioned off in braids or with scrunchies, because if I wash my hair loose, it will get really tangled.

I take each section
down one by one, and moisturize it using my world of curl curl activator gel. Then I re-braid each section back up into smaller sections, so that my hair can dry quicker.

The bigger the braids, the longer it takes to dry. It usually takes 8 or more hours to have fully dry hair, depending on the temperature. In the summer, it does not take that long for my hair to dry.

The next day, or later in the day, I take down each section one by one with some sort of dry, water free moisturizer on my hands. Anything with water in it will cause the hair to poof up. I usually use shea butter for this.  By using the oily moisturizer while I take the braids down, it not only adds sheen, but it also helps add some slippage.

I also try to be as gentle as possible to not disturb the crinkled patterned caused by the braids. Sometimes I am not as careful. It depends on the look I am going for. And wala! You have a cute braidout!

What products do you use for the braidout/twist out?

I use world of curls curl activator gel on wet hair. Sometimes I mix it with aloe vera gel. When I take the twists/braids down, I often use some non watery product like shea butter for instance, to aid me in the process. The shea butter or other oily product acts as a lubricant for my hair, and it also adds a light shine and helps to seal the moisture in my hair.

How do you make shrunken twists? how are shrunken twists different from two strand twists?
Shrunken twists are two strand twist, they are just twists that have shrunken over time because some product with water or water itself caused the hair to "shrink up" or just because nappy hair shrinks and starts to curl up on its own over a period of time.


So this concludes the very first edition of All Up in My Fro. If you have any questions, don't be afraid! Go ahead and ask them here, and I will add them to the next addition! I also plan on adding a step by step picture guide to various styles such as twist-outs, braid-outs, twists, etc etc that I am LONG LONG LONG overdue for. Until the next addition ladies!


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