Monday, May 31, 2010

This is how I go out to work

I washed my fro earlier and let it air dry. It is still a little damp in this picture. But once it dried, BOY did it get dry. Ugh!

Only when my hair is still able to be classified as a twa do I let my hair dry into a shrunken state. This would never happen if I had 6 or 5 inches of hair. My shrunken twa days are numbered.

Yeah, so dude mayne didn't quite let me finish posing...

Since it was hot as HELL outside I decided to keep it easy breezy and rock my vintage tube dress I bought way back in January but never got around to wearing...

Yes I was channeling Gabby Sidibe in this pic...

why I don't know...I shouldn't have....I love Gaby, just not her or my pose lol!

The twists lasted for a total of 26 days, not bad at all if I do say so myself. This fro is not going to stay long, I am going to twist it up before Thursday, I can't stand fooling with my hair everyday...well, I hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day. And don't forget to thank our troops, because if it wasn't for them, Lord knows where we would be.

Well, a sister girl is TIRED, BEAT, and all those other adjectives...take care everyone! Be safe and blessed!



  1. You look adorable in those pics. You exude confidence so effortlessly. Love that!



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