Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This right here is why I don't like Wally World

I don't know if it is all this crazy weather, or whether they have been putting some act a fool juice in the water, but negroes have been losing their damn minds lately! I mean, check this out alright, so I'm minding my own business, just getting out of my car when a crowd of ghetto loud girls are about 20 feet away from me, laughing about how crazy and loud and ghetto they have been acting in the store, like that's cute.

Who does this? I glance at them for a quick second, wondering why grown people are acting a damn fool in the middle of a parking lot. As I proceed to walk towards the entrance, the next thing I know, I hear the ring leader of the ghetto black side circus yell to her side show bob act: "Imma do yo hair like dat. Look. Imma do yo hair like dat". All loud and ghetto in the middle of the wal-mart parking lot. The crew of hyenas then proceed to cackle. Woo chile, that was hilarious to talk about someone while they can hear them and right in their face.

Mind you, I was the only female in the parking lot, the closest to them and you know when someone is talking about you. I am caught off guard, and surprised by their boldness. Like, who does this? I am a grown woman, 24 years old, not 13 years old in middle school. I have never experienced anything like this since I have been natural. I had someone try to talk about me on the sly before about 3 years ago, but nothing as bold and as in your face as this.

Maybe I have not experienced nothing like this before because usually, when I am in public, I have that "don't mess with me" look on my face. But today I was feeling good, walking with my head high and confident. Maybe they felt the need to try and make me feel as miserable about myself as they felt about themselves?

And you know, I could have chosen to entertain their short bus circus but why? What would that have proven or solved? Not to toot my own horn, but I think my short nappy twists are the sh*t. And a group of ghetto hoodrats aren't going to steal my sunshine. Yeah I said it, and I will say it again, a group of ghetto hoodrats cutting up in the middle of Wal-mart in a white area, proving every stereotype about black people. I won't let them have that kind of power over me. I know who I am and I am comfortable with me.

They can laugh it up about my short twists, but boo boo and them don't know my hair is short and nappy BY CHOICE. Unlike them, I didn't have to go to the beauty supply store and buy silky yaki #2 because my hair has been chewed up by the relaxer. I am comfortable with my nappiness. I don't have to imitate the hair of another race to feel pretty. I got african in my blood and I am proud of it. And I don't go around trying to hide it, nor am I embarrassed about it.

Maybe four years ago I would have been deeply disturbed by this. But once again, not to toot my own horn, but I am in a place in my life where I frickin love my hair, I don't think my nappy hair is ugly whether it is short, long, or any other length. My nappy hair is beautiful, all nappy hair is beautiful. So I'm sorry that they don't love themselves and have to project their insecurities with themselves onto me.

So I hope boo boo and them got their self esteem boost for the day that made them feel so much better. They can go on and try to clown Ms-gg all they want to. Ms-gg is still high stepping, letting the wind blow through her fro, and loving her napps. Good-bye haters you mean nothing to me.

How you doing?


  1. Toot your horn girl!!
    You did the right thing....& it is a blessed thing in this world to feel confidence and pride among so many lost & confused individuals.
    Well said!
    Well done!
    I envy ur twists!


  2. Toot toot! Lol j/k. Girl, before you know it, you will have some fly twists of your own!
    Thanks so much for the luv and stopping by :)

  3. Go ahead, mama! I know that you were looking fierce! They couldn't handle your gorgeous tresses or your fierce confidence. Haters are going to hate so ask God to bless them, and you keep moving on!



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