Sunday, December 2, 2007

Throwback: December 2007, Unplanned Braidout

So I took those frickin twists down and promised myself that I WILL not EVER do those things as small as I did them again until summer time because they take entirely TOO LONG to take out.

I conditioned my hair in big braids with scrunchies on the ends, washed my hair and slathered world of curls and aloe vera gel on my hair. Nothing else in 32-50 degree weather. I was expecting to have a dried out crunchy fro. But guess what? My hair was 100% softer than when I use shea butter and castor and coconut oil mixed together.

So Im going to go back to this mixture until my hair decides that it wants something else. Also I wonder if the whole reason why those two products work so well for me is because my hair likes gels...I never thought about that because I have never heard a natural list a gel as a category of hair moisturizers like they would oils and butters. But I think gels are my thing.

But yeah, I was "trying" to box braid my hair but ran out of time (had to go to work :( ),so I had to take down the big wash braids I was rocking and pull my hair back in a puff with the box braids in 1/2 the front and two rows in the back and that is what you see in the picture.

I did two rows in the back and gave up. Im probably gonna keep it like this for a while cause I just dont have the strength to do my hair at this time

Dec 06 vs Dec 07.....

my braids doubled in size so that means that my fro has doubled in size, which sounds about right. In Dec, if I remember correctly I had around 3.5 inches and now I am mostly at 7 inches :) And hopefully by March 08 I will add another 1.5 inches to that!

Sad...this is day three. I at least completed the front. It took about 2 hours or so to do I got the back of my big ole head to do.....
See, having thick hair I dont think is my problem, I think its the fact that I have thick hair+ a big ole gina apple alot of circumference to cover...

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