Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Got Me Twisted Over You

I did my hair todayOh yeah, I'm feeling gud gud gud!

I got real tired of seeing my hair in my TWA and baby puff and I just HAD to do something to it.

Do ya'll ever get that way, just can't take it anymore and say enough is enough already with a
particular style? Well, I stopped dilly dallying around and got to twisting up my hair.

These bad boys took me about 2.5 hours, not bad considering when my hair was longer it took anywhere from 4-10 hours.

I can tell my hair is growing because most of my twists are starting to actually look like twists again. The only bad thing is that because they are so teeny tiny, they stick up in the air a little a make me feel like I look like Coolio....

I used world of curls curl activator gel and fruit of the earth aloe vera gels with naturals

I also use these metal clips that you would normally use with rollers to separate each section so that I could hand part each twist easier and not leave a lot of loose hairs in-between each twists.

Next go round I promise I'll post up a pic so you can see what I am talking about...(brownie) scouts honor

I want to wear these for at least 3 weeks, but I don't know yet. I kind of want them to be smaller, even though I did them big (for me and what I usually roll with on the regular, these are some big ole jumbo size twists)..but I know I am too lazy to do them all over again so that idea is canceled...

And yeah, I wear sunshades even with no "sun". I don't know about you but the sunlight still bothers my eyes even on a cloudy day.....

Sorry the quality is so raunchy....I blame it on the recession...


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