Friday, June 18, 2010

I bought my magic star jumbo rake comb!!!

I am so stoked!  Last night, I opened up my wallet, clicked that "buy" button and bought that Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb I talked about last month.

 A little after my fortyleventh big chop in September of 2009, I got mad and threw out all of my seamed combs so that I would have no other choice but to buy new combs in the future.  I did this because I had a hunch that those dag nabbed seamed combs were doing more harm than good on my hair. If you run your fingers down the sides of a seamed comb than you can feel just how rough and brutal some of the are!

It is almost like combing your hair with a knife really.  And then we wonder why our hair is damaged and breaking off!  Hello!  You are combing your hair with a cheap comb that is poorly manufactured.  

So I am hoping that this new wider tooth seamless comb will be more gentle to my napps.  We'll see.
It cost me about 19 bucks after shipping and everything, and hopefully it will be at my doorstep by early next week so I can test this baby out! I bought the biggest and widest seamless comb they had.  Fine teeth comb make my head hurt just thinking about it!  YOUCH! lol...

Don't worry, you will get a FULL review on this comb.  By the way, I ordered it from this site:

Come on Rake Comb!!!  Do you own a seamless comb?  Let me know down below!

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  1. I just ordered mine as well after seeing a natural 4c use it on her youtube video. It when through her hair like BUTTER!! I had to try it because I was looking for a new comb since my hair is now too long to use the detangling comb I was using and finger combing just doesn't work for my hair.



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