Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flax Seed Gel Part One

I tried making flax seed gel for the first time late last year after hearing so many good things about it on  But with barely one inch of hair, it was hard to tell just how moisturizing it was for my napps. So this week I made a brand to new batch to test the stuff out again.

Womp Womp.  This was the best picture of the stuff.  And of course the dag nabbed camera was dead when I went to take pictures while I made it, so I am going to add the last few pictures that are missing later on when I make another batch sometime in the near future.

Anyway, here is the bag of flax seeds I used:

Arrowhead Mills Organic Flax Seeds.  I bought them at Krogers for less than 5 bucks.  Since I have made a few batches and have the hang of making the flax seed gel, I really don't measure anymore.  I used about 3/4 or 1/2 cup of flax seeds and 1-2 cups of water.  I put both ingredients in a small saucepan and let the water boil on high like so:

Um, yes my 70 year old mother still preserves bacon and chicken grease in a cup on the stove despite my protests on how nasty that is.  God only knows how some of us lived to see 20. Eeewww.

Any-who, after I get the water to boil, I turn the stove back to about medium or simmer: whatever allows the stuff to still boil  but not too fast.

This is how my pot of flax seed gel looks like when it is cooking.  As you can see, the mixture is not boiling over, smoke and steam isn't bursting out the pot, and it looks kind of tasty too (naw I'm just playing).  I let it boil for about 20 minutes, stirring every now and then like so:

You don't want it to boil too long though, nor do you want the water too get to low.  You want the texture of the stuff to be slimy, and not too runny, and sort of like the consistency of snot.  When it gets slimy and snotty you are pretty much done.  As the snot mixture cools, it will start to thicken up.  If you let it thicken up too much as you cook it, it will be very difficult to extract the slim from the seeds.  If this happens, try to add more water and turn down the heat.

Now this is where I am lacking pictures.  I used a big wide metal strainer to dump the mixture into.  I have tried using metal tea leaf infusers, and a couple of other methods, but this has been the best for me.  The other methods have been a lot more messier, and I lose a lot of the gel in the process, and those teeny tiny seeds end up being mixed into my gel, all over the counter, all over the floor, all in the sink, all on the get the picture.  That's definitely not cool dude.

I put the gel in a storage container like so:

Note: I added a few drops of olive oil to mine, that is why it is yellow.

And put the flax seed gel in the fridge.  This stuff has to be refrigerated or else it will go bad.  You can make it last longer by adding essential oils to yours.

After you are done, here comes the fun part.  I still have these twists in my hair so I really haven't played around with the stuff much.  I am still waiting on my trusty dusty Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb I just ordered on Friday.  But here is a shot of what it did for my hair.  A lot of people rave about how it is a good gel for defining curls and such, and  I am going to experiment with that next week and I will report back on that along with the new hair toy.

Please excuse the brows mayne, forreal, I know it is unacceptable lol.  And the chipped polish...*shakes head*   But yeah, try to concentrate on the ashanti sideburns.  It does do a very good job of defining curls, and at a fraction of the cost of Kinky Curly Custard.  It did however, leave my hair DRY DRY DRY.  But please remember, my hair is extremely porous and there are not too many products outside of glycerin based ones that give me moisturized hair.  So take my product reviews with a grain of salt unless you suffer from really porous hair the way I do.  I am going to experiment with this snot stuff some more, and add some glycerin to it and see what happens.  Maybe I have found my new holy grail product, I HOPE.  *fingas crossed and toes too*

And let me add a disclaimer here, and this goes for this gel and any gel or product: if your hair doesn't curl naturally, there isn't a product in the world that will make curls appear out of nowhere except a hot curler or some curling rods.  It ain't happenin' captain.  Not even David Blaine can make that work for you.  Not trying to be mean but I am just telling it like it is.  I ain't trying to get Tracee Ellis Ross type curls in my hair cause that is never going to happen in this lifetime.  All I can do is achieve Ms-gg's nappy coils and be happy.  Werd to yo mama. 

Anyway, take care ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay cool.  It's too hot to even be moving around right now!


Oh wait wait wait....before I go, let me show you this beautiful gift bag I saw in Dollar Tree of all places.  I thought it was so frickin cute!  I just had to take a picture of it, it was that dang cute!

Yes the mommy and baby are rockin fros!  How k-yute is that!!!

Alright, I'm gone forreal this time!



  1. Ms gg girl you hot mess... you had me rolling over here LOL! I stay coming back on a daily basis you keep a sister going

  2. Thanks for the love lady bug! Do realize that one of the "G"'s in GG stands for goofy! lol! Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

  3. I Defintely see the connection now lol

  4. HI its afrolily, one of your subscribers on fotki. You have very beautiful hair and I just love how your twists always come out. I didn't know that aloe vera was high in protein and it way be whats contributing to dryness in my hair, thanks for that info. You mentioned that you hair is very porous, and I was wondering if you've considered looking at the pH of some the products you are using. Optimum pH for hair is around 4 and certain products can either be too acidic or alkaline eg. Bonners castille soap. kimmaytube on youtube has execellent videos on the pH of hair. pH is that essential she made 4 very interesting videos. Please check her out.I think using some products incorrectly has overtime contributed to the porosity of hair. This may take a little while to undo the damage. Hope this info helps :-)



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