Friday, March 28, 2008

Still going strong...

This is all I have been rockin all month and the reason why I haven't updated in forever and a day. Nothing really new. I recently started to rebraid my braid outs every night and I wonder why I haven't done this any sooner (I guess because of all the manipulation) . But to be honest, I don't really care about all that right now. If my hair grows to bra strap length or beyond it does and if it doesn't it doesn't. Ya know? I need a break from all that strict 6-8 hour twisting sessions every two weeks and long detangling issues. I'm on a vacation from protective styles for right now.

For my braid out I use world of curl's curl activator gel and comb out spray, palmer's coconut lotion and shea butter. I'll come back later and explain the order of how I use these products....

Urban Outfitters for $10! I went in there to buy the Obama shirt I saw but saw this one and thought it was flyer. I got asked if I was campaigning for him in Walmart lol.....I also got asked if I was wearing a wig or weave in the flea market and then he asked me if I was sure it wasn't (da hey?) I told him Im pretty sure its mine since I grew it....
Anyway, I love this shirt, def one of my favs....ya'll dont laugh at me when I be rocking this shirt AFTER the elections ;)


  1. gurl, you are rockin' that hair---its so beautiful----and that shirt is groovy baby---i have a black one with colorful letters i wear out of the house---keep hope alive momma!!!

  2. Thank you so much EssenceVibez :)



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