Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new set of Twists!!

Let me tell you, twists are one of my favorite natural hair styles ever!!!  And twists it is again for my fro! I tell you one thing, I am a protective hair styling queen! For at least 75% of the month I wear a protective style (braids, twists etc, any style that is low maintenance and doesn't require daily styling), and the other 25% I enjoy an "out" style (braid out, afro, twist out, etc). My play time is over and now my hair is back on lockdown!

As I promised last month, I am going to show how I twist:

This is how I section off my hair:

First, I cowashed my hair, then right after wards while my hair is still damp, I began to twist. I used my metal roller hair clips to section off my hair with, so that I can make sure each part that I make with my fingers (no combs) are sectioned off properly.

Oh look see! I can make a pony puff again (sorta kinda sorta)!

Okay, so even though I have couches and chairs and beds in my house, I love sitting on the floor! I just never grew up! I sit on the floor, and twist my hair with my favorite fruit of the earth aloe vera gel with naturals and my world of curls gel. I squirt the aloe vera gel into the top that belongs to the world of curls. You remember how mama use to squirt pink lotion onto a table or cap back in the day (maybe that was just my mama?) smiley emoticons...well yeah, some old habits never die...

So I twisted, and twisted and twisted my hair for four hours. Watched Toddlers in Tiaras, a little Trauma in the ER and spent some time with the boo. When I was done with my hair, I was done for the day! But no rest just yet! Had to go to the store with the boyfriend. So I got all cute and stuff (which means I throw on the most oddest clothes I have in my closet, that doesn't match to anyone else except me!):

I just love this clock purse! It is so unique and strange! Just like me lol! I found it while vintage hunting and the plastic face on it is a little messed up but I plan on fixing it. And no jokes about me being a flavor flav love child either! lol

Ugh! But you see how the plastic is all jacked up! It's the clear plastic face on clock itself, not on the pocketbook. I plan on fixing it better believe is not going to stop me from rocking this purse! Flaws and all!

And this is not the final pictures that I plan on showing of my new twists either. I plan on doing them over tomorrow morning when I have more time but this is a sneak peek preview. Ya''ll take care and see you tomorrow!


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