Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wow, Solange is weird?

The website bossip.com called Solange and her group of friends weirdos? 

Yeah, I'm just as confused as you are Solange about this one. smiley emoticons

I swear, if you don't fit into the label that society wants to box you in, they automatically throw shade your way.  I wonder what makes her or her friends so weird?  Because most of them are natural and they were having fun?  Sigh....more pics I borrowed from their site.

Look it's Kesh!

Aww, whatever to bossip...I think Solange and her friends are just living it up....now let me go pull out my granny hat.....

link to article: http://bossip.com/254074/solange-gets-a-weave-and-kicks-it-with-her-little-weirdo-crew-for-memorial-day/


  1. I was SO going to post something about her. If she's weird, than so am I. Actually, I've been called weird and I consider it a compliment. I like that I'm not a carbon copy of someone else.

    I like that I beat to my own drum, and I'm completely unapologetic about it.

    And I think Solange is FAB! And of course Kesh would be hanging with her. She's another FAB natural who beats to her own drum.

    LOVES IT and LOVES THEM for being themselves.

  2. Great (weird) minds think alike ;)

    "If she's weird, than so am I. Actually, I've been called weird and I consider it a compliment."

    Thank you! I have often been called weird too because I don't do what everyone else does! And the funny thing is what people consider weird, next thing you know, I see them doing it months later!

    I actually have a brain that lets me decide for myself what I like and what I don't like.

  3. I've never considered her weird. Her style is fresh and unique and I love it! Soft Natural Vintage is the best way I can describe it. nevertheless, if it's weird then I had better join the club! By the way your coils are lovely Msgg! First time I've been by your blog. I'll be back :)

  4. When it comes to Solange blogs are always bashing her. They call her the red headed step child living in the shadows of her famous sister.

    I love that she dances to the beat of her own drummer. People hate what they don't know and don't understand. That is sadly the way society is built. She wears what she wants and every blog has to post about it. I’m not a fan of Beyonce but I love me some Solange and I feel like people give her the short end of the stick.

    Her Sol Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams was INCREDIBLE! Start to finish I love that CD and I hate that it didn’t get its just notoriety. I turn it up loud and sing along. Lol I am the “outside of the box” type and I love it.

  5. @Vanessa:
    Yes! I like the Solange that she has evolved into today. Yeah, I may be bias because she is natural and if she decides to go the straight route again I probably would be a tad bit sad, but I think the natural look suits her style and image very well. She never looked better! And thank you so much for stopping by!


    I agree with your statement 100%! I am not a least bit interested in Beyonce but I love Solange. Her music is really good too. It is sad that the media tries to portray her as being jealous of her sister and acts as if she can't naturally be a free spirit. Meh, whatever.
    Thank you Mimi for stopping by :)

  6. Solange's hair looks gorgeous here! Wow, it has grown a lot since her big chop two years ago. Inspirational :)



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