Monday, June 21, 2010

Yus Sir! It's here!

*Does the Cabbage Patch* 

I was cheesing like a kid on Christmas!  My Magic Star Jumbo Rake comb arrived today! And Imma tell you right now, this comb is the bees knees!  I ordered it Thursday from the website Hot Combs. Here is the link for the comb just in case you are interested in it too:

I got bored with my hair last night so around 12:30 AM or 1:30 AM I started taking down my twists.  The twists lasted a total of 17 days.  Not bad.  They could have lasted another 2 weeks but I was ready for a change.  Here is how my hair looks  now after I have been picking through it with my fingers, discovering my dear old friends Single, Strand, and Knots all over the nape of my neck  Right now my hair is about 3/16th of an inch short of being 4 inches long, which sounds about right since I shaved my hair off for the last time a few days before Thanksgiving of last year.    Anyway, here is the fro:


It is so sticky from all of the glycerin from the World of Curls Comb Out spray!  That is one reason why I wanted to take the twists down so soon: to wash this mess!  And to play with my new toy, who am I fooling?

Alright, now back to the comb.

It came all wrapped up and official!  I couldn't wait to tear that package open and feel it!

Gesagte Kamme aus Naturakautschuk:  that's German for, "Built Ford Tough Even for Your Nappy Hair!"

This comb feels like quality.  The teeth are so smooth, I know it will do right by my napps and not forsake them!  I will warn you that  it does have a real strong rubber smell though.  But I don't mind it too much "right now" while it is still fresh out the box, I'll holla back at you in a few months on that one.


Excuse the bird daky, I didn't do it.  But yo, look at how wide the teeth are!  That is what I am talking about!  When I want a wide tooth comb, I want a wide tooth comb.  And these are some gaped teeth here!  Very napp friendly if you ask me.


And the seal of quality.  That Sagemann stamp of approval.  I frickin love it!  I am so giddy right now!  So you know I couldn't wait to try the comb out right.  So yes, I did try raking that comb through my dry napps *smacks hand* Bad GG!  But naw, since my hair is so short, it really wasn't that bad at all!  That comb glided through my napps so smooth and easily!  No snagging or pulling!  I am sold on this seamless comb.  Hands down the most friendliest comb I have ever used, and I have been through a lot of combs in my day.  A lot of them were cheap and the cause of my damaged hair but I didn't know any better then.  One thing about a quality item is that if it was well constructed it will last a lifetime.  And I know for a fact that I will get my $19 (the cost after shipping) worth out of this comb!  So my final werd on this Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb is that it is a must for anyone who is looking for a napp friendly comb.

Why I love this comb:

*It has almost 1/2 inch spacing inbetween the teeth, which makes it easier to comb through your hair

*It is seamless, which means that your hair will not snag up against the seams in between the teeth of the comb, causing damage to your strands.


 Now for the new products!

Yesterday I bought another jar of this Mane and Tail Olive Oil Cream again.  I remember I liked it a few years ago but I don't remember why I stopped using it.  So I bought it again to find out lol.  I remember saying it was a bit greasy, but none of the ingredients of it jumped out at me as particularly bad ingredients so I said what the hey and bought it again.

I also bought a new conditioner from Kroger's grocery store called Mirra Deep Moisture Conditioner.   It claims it is infused with Pomegranate and those darn Acai extracts that everyone is going coo coo for cocoa puffs over.  Meh.  I'm looking for a new conditioner so I figured why not for $4.

So I'm going to try all this stuff out and give a more in depth review of it later in the future. ...

Alright ya'll, thank you for stopping by, you are the bestest and you know I love you like play cousins!


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