Friday, July 23, 2010

Back With a New (mini) Twist

If I had a signature natural hairstyle, mini twists would be a tie right along with the braid out.

List of excuse me:

*acne from hair experiments with oil 
*eyebrows shot to you know where

Okay, now back to the style, I took my twists down on tuesday or monday and wednesday I got this great, wonderful, awesome idea to do a protein treatment in my hair.  I hope you can smell the sarcasm oozing from my words.  Anyway, I thought that maybe my hair was too elastic.  Why I don't know.  So at 12 am in the morning or so, I put Audrey GPB protein treatment in my hair.  Then, I don't know what the heck I was thinking, I normally read everything before I plop it on my head, but this time I said what the hey, can't be too much more than placenta in this stuff and panthenol, so without reading the ingredients I threw some of Queen Helene's Placenta Hot Oil treatment on my head.

After I put it on, I flipped the bottle around,  Probably the seventh ingredient was KERATIN.  OMG.  Keratin.  I know keratin is probably one of the strongest proteins that one can put on  their hair.  I thought to myself, it can't be that bad.


Hmph!  For the last eight months my hiar has been tangle free until I did this.  My God!  I will never do that again!   I just hope that my hair is not damaged and this shall too pass.  Can't win for losing.

So here I am now, on Thursday, with mini twists.  Started around 9 or 10 and finished at 3:30 AM.  SO excuse the puffy eyes too please.

I stopped experimenting  with twisting with different products and went back to my tried and true World of Curls Curl Activator gel (dry hair formula) and Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel with naturals.

First I cowashed my hair with Yes to Cucumbers conditioner (good slip I must say), then sectioned my hair off and got to twisting.

In the middle of my hair, I decided to experiment with olive oil.  I put world of curls on the each section, slathered oil on my hands and rubbed it through, trying to see if this will make a difference.     

These are going to stay in for AT LEAST 3 weeks if not more.  I trimmed my ends up really good and now I want to protect them.  Plus it is too hot to wear any other style.  102 today, 103 Saturday and 104 Sunday.  Yeah, um okay. Lol.

Stay cool everyone and have a blessed weekend and thank you for stopping by and commenting!  You all are the best!



  1. your twists look great. I too wear twists religiously but they don't look as great as yours.

  2. Thanks for the love Kingsmomma! And I'm sure your twists are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I love them Ms-GG OMG I got to Ive been meaning to try them but OMG my arms be hurting so bad so I been sticking to my coils

  4. LOL! I totally understand! One secret that I shared on nappturality that helps me out a lot is that I sit on the floor indian style, and when I get to the back of my head, I lean forward, and rest my elbows on my knees, that way I don't have to hold my arms up in the air for hours and hours.

    I wish I could do coils too but I can't master them, poo!

  5. Girl thats what my problem I dont sit down I stand whole entire time in the mirror Im going to try that sit down and do it duhhh lol! oh coils man what I do is water leave in conditioner twirl my hair around my finger viola no comb coils for me

  6. Oh yeah! I use to stand too but a few years ago my mom bought me one of those antique cheval mirrors and I sit in front of that and twist my hair....standing got old real quick!

    Girl, I twirl my poor hair around my fingers and it poofs right up. I done tried everything from beeswax based products to aloe vera gel and it's a no go so far

  7. Bonjour!
    J'adore tes petites vanilles, elles te vont bien!
    How can you let your twist at least for 3 weeks?
    I did mine yesteday with RĂ©ne furterer leave in and seal the ends with coconut oil and i dont know , how i can let them for 3 weeks, knowing that i always wash and DC weekly? Water will surely destroy my mini twist, right?

    Elodie. From France XD

  8. Were you ever able to pin point what precisely caused your hair damage?

  9. Hey Pam! I think that even the most minute amount of protein is bad for my hair and that causes my hair to be dry and brittle, and then that caused the incomplete splits. As soon as I used a conditioner with protein in it in September of this year, after almost a year of being incomplete split free, they automatically showed back up on the last 2 inches of my hair.

  10. WOW, I'm a fellow Nappturality girl and have seen some of your styles (which by the way they are soooo FIERCE) I have soft some what thin hair but it's growing strong, I would love to rock mini twists this winter, but how can I make it my own...

  11. Hey TMI4me! How are you doing girl? I think mini twists work well on fine, thin hair because mini twists make the hair appear fuller.

    To jazz them up you can try adding flat twists in the front, or try a cute updo. Even adding cute accessories such as hair chopsticks or a headband can help to make your mini twists extra cute. Good luck no matter what you try and keep me posted!




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