Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Am So Done With Abusing My Hair- Again!

Picking out your hair everyday is not a smart idea if you want to grow your hair out.  It just isn't.  Too much manipulation.  So after about a week of hair abuse I decided to do something about it.   On the last day of wearing my picked out fro I decided to do a picked out puff.  The fro is definitely on the grow ya'll:

Don't take a shot until you see the whites of the eyes!

And then I took the bootleg goodies ouchless bands joker janks down:

After that I sectioned my hair off, so that it would be easier to twist.  The longer my hair is, the less sections are needed.  But since it is so frickin short, I have to do the best I can to grip the hair in the ponytail holders:

One thing I can say is that I notice a BIG difference with my hair since I chopped it off last November.  My hair feels like hair again.  I think the biggest help is that I have been paying more attention to the amount of proteins I use in my products.  The only protein that I don't mind using is wheat protein because it is moisturizing.  Everything else is a no no for me.  My hair is no longer brittle and hard when I put water on it.  It feels soft and silky like.  I am pleased.

And  my hair is not tangling badly.  The reason why it was tangling so badly is because I had all these incomplete splits up and down my hair strand, which probably meant my cuticles were raised and roughened, and my hair was sticking to each other more easily, causing massive tangling, and a big headache even to make a single part.  Now I can be wrong.  I could be having an easy time simply because I have about 4 inches of hair.  I don't know.  Only time will tell. 

And in a I Dream of Jennie nod it was done (I wish!):

Just as the quality of the pictures, my hair sucks lol.  I was trying to hurry up and finish, and it looks like it to me.  So if I feel like it, I may redo them at some point to make my hair look neater.  More than likely I won't though, I don't have the time or patience for that.


  1. I like it : ) I'm still learning how to do two strand twists to my head. I can do one twist along the front of my hair, like the perimeter but after that it looks messy. The one that I usually do for the front of my hair looks like its supposed to be that way lol

  2. I'll have you know that you are #1 in my inspiration. I too cut my hair last year (but wore it short until the end of March) due to breakage, on my part, and am intent to grow it back out again. I'm glad you're a few months ahead of me, the ideas are astounding! :)

  3. Aww thank you so much Sweet-T you are a doll! And you look absolutely beautiful with your new hair cut! Happy hair growing to you :)

    @focused: Keep trying! It may take a while to get it but keep at it :)

  4. what do you use when twisting your hair? any creams, oils or what. I dont want to use a product that is gionna frizz. oh and I just did the big chop and Im down to 3 inches of beautiful hair



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