Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nappy Recap Part 1

This is almost like a recap of the past almost year.  Just in case for whatever reason, you missed the last year or so of my journey, I am going to give you a real quick rundown.  If you have been keeping up with me, well, bare with me!

Alright:  January 2009, started noticing that my hair was ridiculously tangly.  I knew the reason why it was such a handful was because it was hella damaged.  I had all these incomplete splits in my strands.  So not cool.

March 2009, everything was coming to a head.  Something had to give.  My last twists with long hair.

Boom!  I chopped it off.

Spring 2009
What the?!!?!? @#@#@# I did all this chopping and my hair still looks like poo poo?  Erh!! 

I still had damage!  I can't win for losing I swear!!!!!  I tried changing so much in my routine, so much, but nothing. Would. stop. the. incomplete. splits.  So in late summer 2009, I did another chop.  I stopped updating my fotki album frequently because of computer issues, and stopped taking pictures regularly because I was frustrated with my hair.  Came close to giving it all up for good. 

Then in September 2009 I said eff it and cut it all off!!!!!!  I was so tired of doing major chops, letting it grow, then chop again, then letting it grow, that I bit the bullet and went all out!  Starting over fresh.  Nothing like a brand new start.

Did a freakin Bentonite Clay treatment, then soon after did a porosity control conditioning treatment. I don't know what the plucky duck happened, but I had MORE incomplete splits in my hair!  @$@$$@$@

So November 2009, three days before thanksgiving, I shaved my head dang near BALD.

"Grow hair grow, grow hair grow."  Nothing else seemed to work, I tried everything else with no luck, maybe this chant will help my hair stop getting damaged?

Okay, this is going to complete my nappy recap for January 2009-December 2009.  Stay on the look out for Part II coming soon!


  1. girl you look way better with short hair, it really fits you, you are really gorgeous

  2. Classy you are absolutely too sweet :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words <3



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