Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Week in With These Micro Twists

And they still look pretty darn good if I do say so myself.   Over the past four years, I have learned a few things about my hair and discovered the routine for my twists that keep it looking fresh longer.

One thing is I don't rinse often, if at all.  I am going to try to stop doing this though, because my dry nappy hair can use all the moisture it can get (more on why I don't rinse often later). I also try not to manipulate my twists that often.  This includes molesting my hair all day long by twirling ends, putting satin caps on my head to squish the style then wake up in the morning with squished, frizzy twists, or bouncing from style to while in twists like a twist puff one day, braided twists the next, etc etc.  Doing stuff like that shortens the life of my twists and make them look frizzier way before they should.  I don't even sleep on my hair usually.

Please keep in mind I don't mind frizz at all, but when I put a fresh set of twists in my hair, I want them to last for at least 3 weeks and they can't last 3 weeks if they look like I had them in for 3 weeks already and it has only been 2 days.  That's not cool.

Starting yesterday, I started spritzing my hair at least once a day with just plain ole H20 from the refrigerator.  I'm tired of spending money on product to find out later on that it doesn't work, and I'm tired of the gooey glycerin build up of the World of Curls Comb Out Spray.

  Don't get me wrong, that is some AMAZING stuff.  But I like to moisturize everyday, and it does start to get gooey after prolonged use if you are like me and go long periods of time without washing.

Since I don't like cowashing, well let me rephrase that, since my diva hair doesn't like cowashing, I thought that the next best thing has to be just a water spritz.  Since this is working pretty darn well, probably in conjunction with the world of curls curl activator that is underneath, and the pretty darn high dew point the last two days, I am going to continue to do this.  If it ain't broke, why fix it right? 

The big test is on a low dew point day.  That will be the real test.  Is the water really enough for me, or is it the fact that it is a lot of moisture already in the air, that is causing my hair to stay moisturized? 

Stay tuned to find out!

I want these twists to last me another 2 weeks at least.  Usually my biggest hurdle is getting moisture back into my hair after a cowash or rinse. Since my hair has been liking this plain water spritz the past two days, I don't know what to think really.

I have a big suspicion that our water might be the problem now.  The water from the refrigerator is filtered, but our shower is not.  I might have to invest in a shower filter.  I have been putting it off for years after so many recommendations from the lovely ladies of nappturality.  I do  not believe our water is hard, but it could have too many minerals in it or something like that.  And there is only one way to find out right?



  1. You got to give me the play by play on your twists how u keep them unsmushed? How you get them to stay after twisting them with styling product? twisting dry or wet?

  2. Hey predestined010! My twists don't get smushed...I don't know why...maybe because my hair is so daggone coarse! My strands are really thick and my hair is really dense...the only time they may loose their shape is if I like do a puff with twists or something like that and they loose their shape.

    Do you have fine hair? It sounds like to me that your hair is really soft and fine and that may be why you have a hard time having your twists to hold and staying unsmushed?

    I twist on both wet and dry hair. While my hair is short like this, I tend to twist mostly wet, just because. If you let me know if your hair is fine or coarse I will go do some research and find some tips from other naturals for how they get their twists to hold just for you chica :)

  3. Hey Ms GG.... My hurr is like urs boo boo thick and coarse. I doing my mini-twist today we shall see how do I wake up and not having them looking every which of way? because with my coils when I go sleep and wake up they look smushed and I have to slash some water and wake them up.

  4. Well Ms GG I decided to twist my hair dry and I didnt like how they twists itself looked on me so maybe I will trying doing them wet next time to see if I like it. I also found wearing a satin scarf ar night keep them from being smushed.

  5. Okay cool. Let me know how they turn out. I wish my hair liked scarves.... lol. Good luck :)



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