Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puff circa Summer 2008

I never put these pics up in my fotki album, why I don't know, but I remember I took these in the summer of 2008, the worst summer of my life.

But despite all the drama at home, I took a few hair pics here. I don't know if this puff is a braidout puff, twistout puff or none of the above.  It looks shrunken and hella cute, whatever it was....

As you can see in the pic, I used a goodies ouchless band to hold my puff back.  More than likely I put aloe vera gel or world of curls curl activator gel around my edges, doubled the band, pulled my hair into a puff, slapped a scarf around my edges, took it off after I showered and got dress and was good to go. 


  1. That's a testiment to the goodness of natural hair, and how glorious it is on us. Sorry to hear it was such a bad summer, but if your hair looks that good when there's drama all around, I can only imagine what it looks like when mamma is happy!

  2. LOL!! Thank you so much love <3



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