Friday, July 16, 2010

Tied up or Loose Make Up Yo Mind I Say!

Took my hair down to put it right back up again! 

I didn't like my hair as is with just the twists, so I threw on an old headband that I had since I was in middle school (yes hoarder).  I had 50 million of them but can only find about 2 million of them....I don't know what I did with the rest of them...that's why I hoard stuff...throw it away then, bam!  I wish I hadn't....

Dang, like forreal, I need a trim like yesterday.  My ends are shot, slowly  getting thinner and thinner.  Next wash day I am going to stop being lazy and do a massive trim all over.  I always start trimming but never finish, then when I see my raggedity hair, I have the nerve to complain!  So yeah, Ms-gg is going to get her fro back in order.

Ya'll stay sweet, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love ur twists :)

    From Paris,
    Ps: Sorry for my Crap english

  2. Oh your English is perfect! Thank you hun so much :)



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